DarkHawk & Dark_T_Zeratul


Are you still not sure about joining?! This site absolutely works! Not only will you meet completely awesome people who you will connect with, but you may find a match just for you! I must admit I had my doubts when I joined, but within weeks I met a bunch of great people in the chat room. Hop in the TARDIS, skip ahead several months and you'll see me with an awesome guy (Dark_T_Zeratul) who is my match in all things geeky. It all started with a mutual "hotlist" and a message. We talked, we saw a couple movies and everything just rolled along from there. He allows me my falconry time and I allow him his WoW time (though he swears he loves me more than WoW...at least until the new expansion comes out). I couldn't have asked for more from a dating site. It's like it was tailor-made just for people like us. So what are you waiting for?!




sussetorte & Sicarii


Sicarii hailed Sussetorte on March 31st, 2009. He was a sophomore in college in Wisconsin. I was a senior in college in Missouri. I was wary of a long distance relationship, but my mother always told me to give a guy a chance. So I did. On a whim, I flew up a couple weeks later to meet this awesome geek. He admitted that my love of Firefly had drawn him to my profile. We hit it off, and he asked me to be his girlfriend at the end of April. We'd fly back and forth between Missouri and Wisconsin each month. A brutal way to be a couple, but we thought each other worth it.


Soon our fondness of each other turned to love, which we expressed that January. After he graduted in 2011, he moved down to Missouri (much to the tearful sadness of his mother, a wonderful woman). Just a short couple weeks after moving, he asked me to marry him. The only possible answer was Yes! June 1st we were married in front of friends, family, and yes, his tearful mother. Our Jamaican honeymoon was a welcome break from wedding planning.


We love being married even though it's been less than a month. At times it feels surreal, like it's just so wonderful it couldn't be true. Our friends constantly comment on how gut-wrenching our PDA is. We don't even notice. I have had several strangers comment on how we couldn't possibly have been together for over 3 years as we still act like a young couple in the first blush of a new relationship. We hope that never changes. We promised each other love, honor, and cherishing for always, and each day, we renew that covenant. We've never been happier in our lives, and we never would have found each other without Soulgeek.com.


Thank you soulgeek. Thank you Dino.


Love and Gratitude Always,

Sussetorte & Sicarii




AlexMalix & randomchick


I came across your site from a web-ad on my favorite webcomic and I had been looking to get into the dating pool. I signed up right away and began looking for a potential SoulGeek. After 6 months or so I had spoken to a few and had a couple dates, but nothing had panned out. I was about to give up hope when I received a hail. This was a rare occurrence for me and I was intrigued. I sent back a reply and we hit it off. I had never been as comfortable with anyone, ever. In a few months of emailing and voice chat, she came down from Oregon to California for a wonderful spring break week, then for the summer break, and then I came up for a week to visit her family. Now we have our own apartement and about to celebrate our second anniversary and still very much in love. Thank you SoulGeek for helping us to find each other!




4thLevelBard & Coyote Joe


I first got pinged by Joe in mid-January 2011. He was cute and I really wanted to talk to him after reading his profile. So I pinged him back...and he pinged me back...and I pinged him back. It was quickly clear that neither of us had a full membership. I was just about to give up completely as no one else had panned out and I checked back one more time. He had bought a membership just to talk to me. We talked constantly from the moment we met, via e-mail and instant messenger. We would chat late into the night (even all night a couple of times) talking about everything, science fiction shows, table top and video games, music, our friends and family, and especially kitties.


We quickly knew we wanted to meet and set up a first date. We met up at a bookstore and had a wonderful time and started dating that night. We have spent a wonderful year and a half gaming, watching sci-fi, going to cons, and just reading together. Two nights ago he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my awesome geeky man.




Musical Rose & Azrael78


Musical Rose: I had been a Soul Geek member for just a few weeks when I got a message from Azrael78. He was witty, intelligent, and creative - in short, everything I was looking for. We corresponded on the site for a month, and then we met for lunch and a museum outing one day. Before we knew it, we had talked and laughed the afternoon away, and not wanting to end our conversations, we decided to extend our date and get dinner too! We have so many things in common, it's actually startling, and there's such an indescribable connection between us - on three separate occasions, we've even said the same thing at the exact same time. Thanks to Soul Geek for helping us find each other!


Azrael78: I hadn't had the best luck with dating on other web sites, but Soul Geek has helped me find my true soulmate. I met someone amazing (Musical Rose) who loves music, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and theatre as much as me. She's smart and funny and creative and cute and she accepts me just the way I am. I never imagined I would meet someone who enjoys making "Invader Zim" and "Lilo and Stitch" voices as much as I do. We have become a wonderful geeky couple together and it's all thanks to Soul Geek!


Update from Musical Rose and Azrael78: We've leveled up! We were married back in August, and of course, our wedding was filled with spectacular geekery (complete with Han and Leia cake toppers). Every day since we met has been filled with awesomeness, and it just gets better and better. Thank you once again, Soul Geek, for helping us find each other!




ded-ded-dedski & elvnsword


Fully prepared to live the rest of my lonely life as the crazy cat lady I had always feared becoming, I ended up on Soulgeek sort of as a lark. One fateful summer night I was hailed by the gentleman Elvnsword who just happened to live 2770 miles away from me; West Coast vs. East Coast, yo. That hail turned into a message, which turned into an e-mail, which turned into an instant message, which turned into a phone call, which turned into a webchat, which turned into a very expensive plane ticket.


We were foolish for each other from the start and it quickly progressed into a relationship that grabbed on for dear life and has yet to loosen its grasp. On May 12th, 2011 Elvnsword and I were married. We could not be happier to have found our Soul Geeks and sing the praises of this site to anyone who will listen. Elvnsword may have messed up my plans for attaining official crazy cat lady status, but now we can aquire minions together as the crazy cat couple.


Thank you, Soulgeek, for giving so many of us a place to be ourselves with out fear or hesitation, and for facilitating a safe and enjoyable environment to fall so desperately in love.




EntropySquirrel & Kanisae


Kanisae and I met in the chatroom on SoulGeek and we became instant friends. We were friends for eight months or so before he expressed interest in me. I took him up on his offer to meet and we have been together ever since. When we vacationed at Dragon*Con 2010 together I proposed to him there, and then he turned around and proposed right back! Kanisae is truly my SoulGeek and I couldn't be happier I met him! We will be married on our anniversary May 31, 2011.




Squeeks1337 & DoeOfTheWood


It all started when these couple of girls pretty much talked me into flying across the country to see a concert for a band I'd never even heard of. But this lead to much more. When I first met Doe, it was certainly love at first sight, though it took a while for me to figure that out. One thing led to another and before long we were together, and have been for over 20 months. We were just engaged a few weeks ago, on our trip to Japan. And we have Soulgeek to thank for it. She's the love of my life, the one person who truly completes who I am and I am so thankful for her. Good luck to all the other Soulgeekers out there, and we'll see you in the chat.






I first came to SoulGeek very hopeful. I knew I needed someone who'd appreciate my hobbies, since they're a big part of my life. I'm a Dungeon Master, avid RPG fan, video game lover and third generation Trekkie. My geeky qualities are unavoidable, and I needed someone who would understand them. I also needed someone who would be able to deal with me being on the East Coast while I finish school, before I could go back home to Chicago. I wasn't sure that person actually existed, but I decided to give it a try regardless. There was one profile that I was inexplicably attracted to, and I decided to message him. Soon we were playing some message tag and finally moved over to AIM. The next week was full of nights where I was talking to him online until 5 am. I wouldn't notice until I heard the birds outside my window greeting the day.


Finally we decided on a date to meet. My first date with Gaming Mage couldn't have gone any better. Sitting in parks for hours while talking about life, goals, and our love of Dungeon & Dragons soon led to the best relationship I've ever had. I have a man that is just as eager to see the next Trek move, just as excited to talk about RPG sessions, and just as willing to teach me how to shoot in Fallout 3 (because I really need help). Let's not forget how supportive, trusting, and loving he is as well. When I graduate in May and go back home to Chicago, I'm going to have a wonderful man waiting for me, and we'll probably celebrate with kisses and shopping for dice! Thank you SoulGeek! I have no idea how I would've found Gaming Mage without you.




EyeCue & Ducky_Kissy


EyeCue: Hi, think a relationship across a few states is long? Try our story. I don't know if we're the first or not but we'd like to share our story of international romance (scandalous I know). We met in the chatrooms in late 07. She was the oddest most entertaining soul I'd found in there to date (not that the rest of them aren't odd). We'd "run into" each other in the chatrooms every week at "coincidentally" the same times. I would swoon whenever she replied to my posts on the forums and I'd keep her profile open, re-reading it whenever the mood took me. Then she disappeared. I got disenchanted with SG and a year passes.


Ducky_Kissy: I joined SG mainly because I was amazed it was for real. I saw one of the ads on a daily comic and giggled until I clicked on it. Deciding to join for amusement (at the very least) I found myself drawn to the chatrooms. Every Thursday I would stay up hopelessly awaiting for him to come (pathetic I know). He was such a freak, yet such a wonderful person... Then I found myself overwhelmed in classwork, work, and a horrifically wrong relationship. After a summer of no internet and the end to the romantic drama, I got back on to SoulGeek and he was gone. In a bold move, I wrote the most time-consuming message imaginable. Re-written time and again... "Booga booga."


EyeCue: In that time off I too had a "wrong" relationship. I was barely 2 weeks out of it when "booga booga" shows up in my inbox. Feeling quite flattered I replied. We exchanged AIM details (I installed it specially for her) and we found ourselves glued to that annoying little program for HOURS. I'd hear that "door creak" log-on noise and I'd drop everything and dive for my computer. Soon AIM got suffocating. So we moved to Skype. Voices alone wasn't enough so webcams were sought. I'd get up at 6am some days just so I could talk for longer. It became pretty apparent that we were going to have to get together somehow so I renewed my efforts to find a solution. Job hunting and saving up what little cash I had. My grandmother sent me 20 bucks which went into the plane fare fund. Fast forward 6 months and a 21 hour flight. She's now down here with me, being cooked alive by the Aussie heat. We're together :) Now we're planning...




brainsmith & labrat


We both tried several of the same dating sites, but with all of their "pairing features", they never managed to match us. Without SoulGeek we probably never would have met. The match is so perfect we have crossed the miles that were between us and are now living together and engaged to be married. Thank you so much Soul Geek for changing our lives so wonderfully!!1




mizzyally & sherlockules


mizzyally: A long time ago, in a galaxy not too far from our own... There lived a boy & a girl with hundreds of miles between them. But give a geek a computer and a reason to talk and boom! The miles melt away, as do the cynicism, and the desire to live at home with mom and have as many cats as possible!


When I joined this I did so as joke - I was not looking for love, nor even a flirtation - the idea of being on a site that instantly made me clap with child like glee just seemed fun. But when I received a letter from my now sweetie I knew I was glad I had joined. The commonalities for the first time in my dating life so drastically outweigh the the differences that it seems strange that this man is not someone I have known all my life. So many similarities; music, the written word, film, art, right down to the same eye color and born 15 days apart! Chills anyone?! I never thought meeting someone, enjoying someone's company, and falling for someone soul, body and most importantly MIND could be so effortless. To SoulGeek, thank you. ~ally *********


sherlockules: For everyone who ever doubted that their geeky other half was out there, look no further. Ally and I had never really been a part of the online dating scene, and we both joined soulgeek on a whim. But we were on the site for only a short amount of time before first contact, and the rest is history! We hit it off right away; I never imagined that there could be someone out there with so much in common, especially someone who could quote Eddie Izzard at the drop of a hat.


So much thanks goes to Soulgeek, a website for the rest of us who aren’t afraid to let their geek flag fly high! I have met a woman beyond my wildest dreams, and will always be grateful to this unique organization. For everyone afraid or too timid to make the first move: just do it! Send a message! You have to risk it to win it. Trust me, I took a chance sent a really interesting person a message and met the love of my life! It’s more than possible for you to do the same. Thanks Soulgeek! - Sherlockules




Spectrum & Randomscraps


Spectrum: I found out about SoulGeek from a banner ad on PvP. Curious, but not really looking for anyone, I signed up as a non-dating member. (Figured if nothing else I'd at least be able to find some friends with similar interests.) Well, I absolutely fell in love with the site. So much so that I decided I wanted to help and became a chatroom moderator. Spending so much time in the chatroom, I met many wonderful people and made several good friends. But there was one person in particular that caught my attention. The chatting with her led to sending emails, to exchanging phone numbers, to meeting in person.


Randomscraps: After seeing an ad on The Devil's Panties I signed up to try out the free membership offer. Happy to be part of a new, geeky, community on-the-rise I checked the forums regularly and finally ventured into the chatroom. Unlike other sites, this chatroom was welcoming, friendly and lacked a lot of the more unsavory, juvenile aspects of many sites. That's when I first met Spectrum and many others that have become friends. I wasn't looking for anyone at the time, but one night I got to flirting with Spectrum well into the wee hours and we really hit it off. We started emailing regularly and then he came out to visit the next month. We spent an average of one weekend a month together, with chats and emails and phone calls filling in the between times but it wasn't enough. Since Spectrum's move in April we spend all of our weekends together and still hang out in the chatroom most evenings to keep in touch during our busy weeks.


Things have been going very well since we first met in October, 2007. Being within driving distance made it a little easier to visit each other on a regular basis, and a few months ago Spectrum made the move to Florida so that we could be closer. Had it not been for SoulGeek, even with the two of us being relatively close, we wouldn't have found each other. Thank you Dino and thank you SoulGeek!




MagicFlyinLemur and Coltia



MagicFlyinLemur: I heard about SoulGeek when Scott Kurtz talked it up. I checked it out, and realizing that full membership was only ten bucks a month, I decided to sign up. I met some interesting people in the chat, including Coltia. She was having a rough time, so I talked with her, and eventually we traded more contact info. Well, we got to talking more and more, and now I'm just crazy about her.


Coltia: When I saw him in the chatroom, I looked at his picture and thought he was cute. When I actually started talking with him, I realized that he had the brains to go with the looks. As I got to know him better, I realized he was a sweet, caring guy, and that was it. What girl can argue with everything she wanted? I found myself having late night conversations into the early hours of the morning and not missing the sleep. I honestly couldn't be happier.


If it weren't for SoulGeek, neither of us would've known the other existed. We're both so grateful to have found each other. Thank you, SoulGeek!




HildarStarbound & EmpathicCelt


First, for all those doubters out there, THIS SITE WORKS! Just give it a try! This site is the best haven for geeks I have ever found. It is so friendly and if it had not been for SoulGeek.com we never would have found each other!


I (EmpathicCelt) was emerging from a very lonely, dark period in my life when I first saw the SoulGeek banner on the PvPOnline website. I joined without much hope and let my profile just linger there for several months. Finally, after celebrating my 35th birthday I decided I had to give the forums a shot. I dived into them and saw the name "Hildarstarbound" in a banner stating he had suggested the name for the new Relationship Forum, "As You Wish". That immediately stuck in my head and I started posting.


In the forums people mentioned the chat rooms normally I avoid them but I decided, what the hell, what have I got to lose? So I poked my head in and sure enough, I was made very welcome and instantly made friends. It was great! Then I saw "Hildarstarbound" pop in to the chat room and of course, I had to get to know the guy who named the Relationship forum! He was quiet, shy, and seemed to hide in the virtual corner. I proceeded to show him that there is nowhere to hide from an EmpathicCelt and I'm so glad I did! After we started talking he bought Guild Wars and joined the newly named "Soul Geeks" guild that I created and we started gaming together. Next we were voice chatting through Soul Geek every night and it felt like we'd been friends forever. Then phone numbers were exchanged and in a matter of weeks I realized my day just didn't seem complete without talking to him. What amazed me is that he seemed to feel the same way! We met face to face on November 14, 2007. (He drove over 500 miles just to meet me!) and we have been inseparable ever since! We even have our song - "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson.


I have my "knight", he has his "beauty", we are SOULGEEKS and we owe it all to you, Dino, and your site!


From the bottom of our hearts... Thank You!!

HildarStarbound & EmpathicCelt


P.S. We moved in together as of January 9, 2008. We built a PC Gaming Room! We're in geek heaven!




Tempest Lavalle and Inky Fry


Inky: I'm never good at writing stuff like this, but the way I keep thinking about it, it's like fate brought me to SoulGeek, and SoulGeek brought us together.


Tempest: Yeah, we both just stumbled onto SoulGeek out of boredom and curiosity, we weren't really expecting much of anything.


Inky:: But what we found was beyond imagination!


Tempest: Most definitely. It's hard to really put into words what we've found, but it's so wonderful finding someone just as into all the things I'm interested in, not to mention cute ^^.


Inky: Y'know, I always assumed that there may have been a woman out there who was right for me but...never actually thought there was one who was just perfect!


Tempest: We haven't gotten the chance to really be with each other as much as we'd like (what with school and such) but we never would have been able to find each other if it hadn't been for SoulGeek.


Inky: Best decision of my life!