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Wasting more bytes

Well, bought a Roku3 on a lark ( already have original Roku and AppleTV3 )  and discovered Crunchyroll and Funimation channels.  Have seriously OD'd on Anime in the last couple weeks and that doesn't look like its going to stop anytime soon what with the Siffy channel ( they don't deserve to be prounounced Sci-Fi any longer ) killing off any good show it comes up with its getting harder to find "live" TV worth watching...

Anyhow, its worth the $99.



Another half a year. Decided I didn't like there being so much of me around, now there is a good percentage missing and less all the time. Decided also it was time for a new profile photo. I actually put the hat on because it was chilly and then things just got dumb. Not much else to say. Haven't been reading as much lately, been too busy. Got my ham radio license been building gear exercising trying to get more motivated. I still log in to this site to see if I get any matches, and I'm routinely disappointed. The few people I've sent messages to have never replied, probably logged in once and never again or something, or they are all in SoCal.

Stuff and Things

Half a year since my last post. Thats about right. I don't think anyone but myself ever reads this anyway. More books read. Of course. The Simon R Green 'Nightside' series was brilliant. Sadly consumption only lasted a weekend. I need to slow down. I've a couple Dresden Files books to read that I just haven't gotten to. I also want to read the Twilight series. Yeah, I know... the story, while having faults, is kinda addictive. I'll get over it. My profile picture isn't up to date. I shaved off the beard mostly and been waxing the mustache as I flail around for "a look". The "Bay Area Geek Goatie" look is just kinda old. 'Sides, after over 15 years I've gotta change something up. Not going to be dyeing my hair violet again anytime soon, however there are some cases where I would do it again though... I miss that colour. I keep poking around this site hoping to find signs of Bay Area life, but they seem to be far and few between.


Dresden Files stays crunchy in milk.

Babylon 5

Dunno why I even write here. Bought Babylon 5 DVD set. All five seasons for cheap on Amazon, plus the 5 movie pack. Started watching Sunday, almost done with Season 2. It's like a drug.

Slacking on updating

Yeah, well, I haven't posted to this bloggie thing in a while. Been alternating between not busy at all and too busy. Huge stack of books to catch up on, new Dresden Files and some other stuff. Been letting books build up while I do other things. I will probably take a few days off from work and just read so I can catch up. Month or so ago I decided to watch some CSI ( the original series that takes place in Vegas ), so I did. Urm. All of it. Took me a couple weeks, but yes I manage to watch the 8-1/2 seasons that I cared about ( was watching the multi-year story arc of Grissom and Sarah ), it helped that I was fighting the plague that seemed to infect the office for several months so I didn't much feel like anything else at the time. I have stopped watching TV for the most part now except as a secondary distraction while doing something else, and even for that I've switched to Audio Books or in fact Radio Shows. Listened to all of HItchhikers, now I'm working on Dirk Gently. Means I can concentrate on whatever I am working on, yet still be distracted enough that my mind doesn't wander. This will of course chance, just figured I was spending too much time watching TV and not enough time working on projects and geeking out.

Yes, I really am a geek

Sometimes I think that perhaps I'm not a geek... then I do something like the last 2 nights... sitting in front of the TV watching SciFi and Science programs and putting 300+ tiny little ( 2.5mm x 5mm ) set screws into 300+ tiny pieces of metal for my modular synthesizer. Oh, and I went into the middle of Nevada, not to burningman, but to Rachel Nevada, and visited the Little Al'e'inn. "I watch star trek sometimes. I'm such a geek." No! I saw that the Star Trek Experience was closing so I rented a convertible and drove to Vegas to visit it one last time. *sigh* No wonder I'm alone.

Back from Vegas

Drove to Vegas so I could go to the Star Trek Experience before it closed. I'm sad that its closing but hopeful they will find a new location and re-open even better then ever. Also saw Penn&Teller. Awesome show, check it out if you can. Left Vegas Sunday, took the north route home by way of Rachel Nevada home of the Little Al'e'inn where I bought a new doormat and some shirts and stuff and had lunch, did get a nice geeky picture of myself standing next to the sign. Neat place, I'd recommend stopping by if you're into that sorta thing. I'm definitely going back out there and staying the night next time I'm in Vegas for work. Hopefully I'll come up with a good way of getting one of my telescopes shipped out so I can drag it out there ( I don't trust the TSA + Airlines to take it as luggage ). Driving back via Yosemite at night has reminded me yet again why I hate not being able to see the sky 90% of the time due to Fog or Clouds or Smog... *sigh*

Its that time of year....

Yesterday was my birthday. I went to Dennys and sat around the house reading Rudy Rucker. Not a bad way to spend it I suppose but, I dunno, seeing another human I wasn't buying something from would have been cool.

Time to commence operation "Read Anita Blake"

A friend recommended the Anita Blake books by Laura K. Hamilton. I read the first two, well, last night and went out today and by hitting 3 bookstores was able to located all the rest. I figure these will last me a couple days if I also force myself to do other things like set up and use the bandsaw I just got and try to get some work done on my studio so it makes noise again. Been reading some Rudy Rucker lately. I'm not certain but I think I like what I've read. Comes across a little uneven at times. Mowed down the last Charles Stross book I hadn't read ( Saturn's Children ). It was, as usual, enjoyable. I prefer his stuff in the Eschaton universe as well as his Laundry novels. I think he's done with the former and the latter won't get a new book for another 6 months or so. And yet more words written that no one but me shall ever read ( well, and perhaps a moderator-type person looking out for spam postings and the like ).

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