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Was offered to be a Mod on SG, and I accepted

Well I'm on it once a day, and I go to the IRL events as seen on video. I talked to Dino about the website being free at an event. Then talks about a possible app. Then it led to the offer. I like the mission statement of this site and would like to see people succeed. Either way... No, I wont be the next Adolf Hitler, BUT I'll be in similar vein to Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf. Yeah yeah... leave the romanians alone. First task is to delete the spam posts in the forums. Being that it is slower than a snails pace I'd thought it would be easy. I see it hasn't been cleaned since 2016 as far am aware. So I ended up reviewing each forum deleting spam I could find. The oldest by far goes back to January 2016 necroing posts that go far back to 2012 I think I'm done with what i could do, possibly missed a few. Only having trouble with one spam topic which has an HTML link in the title. I can't get into it to delete it. Oh well.

Tis weird I log on daily, but not active.

change profile pic., get cred. maybe message here and there.

Realistically i'm more of a locals kind of person, really  iffy on the LDR.

Taking it casually.

Dino, I failed you, maybe Ben too. they be the hosts of this site.

They are not too active either their VA roles are hectic but they do local events in Van Nuys. next one's May 12th hint hint.

Well as for me and the geeky stuff in my  City of Angels, might help iout in the hustle of bottle openers outside E3, AX in the coming months.


I Hate my Social Anxiety in Normal Situations.

 It's been with me since I dunno, decade or so. So quiet so boring according to some people. Heck made some people go insane till someone else  is along the way. Surprisingly my anxiety never shows up when serious situations occurs. Must be why im in risky careers.

Might go to WonderCon

Yeah... might, considering my employer sometimes won't let me off some weekends.

Useless blog post here considering I haven't. Herp derp.



Playing with my recently purchased Baymax toy figure. Made him evil punching Superman and Sailor Moon. All my toys that I kept are all protagonists so no villains so got to improvise. All that's missing is the red glowy eyes when he is enhanced for combat.

Reminds me  it's been 19-20  years since I last played with Disney toys. When  the first Toy Story movie was a big thing.

shaved off my beard that I let grow back in November

I miss it, it was big made me golion. Have to shave it off with numerous job interviews. Frankly am unlucky getting the jobs. Must get new job that pays sufficiently... The sacrifice is too strong.

27th birthday for me next week.

Don't know what to do aside getting pseudo freebies at restaurants. It's a work and or schoolday for most i know so a party isnt going to happen from my own doing. Heck im I'm usually forgotten.  Well here's to pancakes!

2014 is ending for me in a good way

Met a wonderful lady who is relatively  local to where I am at. Sharing some geeky traits. Not BF/GF yet, still at the dating stage. Looking to see how this works out. Got called  for job interviews for next month primarily in Security. Got a few new friends to play Artemis Spaceship stimulator. Yeah... The rest are just first world problem bad.


Tried out the Pho Burger at Ktown Night Market

Pho Burger was pretty good no doubt. small bread though... though my disapointment was that the  Pho noodles were just sandwiched in instead of being the buns like the Ramen Burger. Ordered it along with Shrimpchips, and Jasmine Tea. Not so amusing thing happened with my shrimpchips... some hispanic elderly guy tried to take all my chips while eating my burger. the entire open air market was filled with police and security to patrol the area as it was a big event, and not one of was a few feet away when it happened. So much for them. well i had one arm free so so I saved  the majority of it. I let the man take just one chip as I was talking with my mouth full. lol this whole post is about the chips rather than the burger.

Dang... SG Singles Night and FB Spooky Halloween is on the same night...

Conflicting schedules means it is hard to choose. Yikes! err... ummm... Zoiks! Going to take time to figure.

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