queenofofdoomydoom: I want to believe *shows pic of Rick and Morty*

Fan-Gal, 31, Paducah, Kentucky, United States.

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  • Sep 22 2018 at 11:29am
    Hey Luv. Thanks for the friend request! You and I have a similar movie and show list. That's cool. Most people see me and they like here that geeky superhero fantasy guy. Most don't know that I'm a big horror buff. From the Gate to the book of the dead, there are things that bump in the night and I'm in the family business.
  • Sep 20 2018 at 06:45pm
    Hey, this website is very glitchy and sometimes I've gotten messages 2 months after they have sent them. Not sure if that's the reason my messages don't seem to be going through but if it is just text me on my phone or we can email or something.

  • Aug 29 2018 at 03:24pm
  • Jul 3 2018 at 04:44pm