delusionalhell: What doesn't kill you only makes you stranger.

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Fan-Gal, 34, Nacogdoches, Texas, United States.


  • Apr 8 2018 at 05:33pm
    I'm terrible at keeping up with this since I don't actively get notifications form this site...
  • Mar 11 2015 at 07:00pm
    After having worked as my mother's housekeeper and (essentially) watching over her property for ...
  • Feb 3 2015 at 02:21pm
    I haven't been on soulgeek since maybe 2008, so it was a little weird to come back once I hit 30. I ...

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  • Oct 3 2018 at 06:45pm
    If you're not here, how do we get a hold of you?
  • Jun 28 2018 at 10:34pm
    Lmao you like the Dark Crystal? That's wild yo
  • Aug 17 2017 at 04:39am
    You were the first gal I messaged on here when I joined almost two years ago. Thought you were absolutely gorgeous then and still do. Although, I sounded like a total goof calling you pretty nice back then. Haven't been on here in a long time but your still one of my first matches. Just thought I'd say hello and hope everything is going well for you. Still love:-D your profile and all the little details you put into it.
  • Jul 10 2017 at 04:36pm
    Hello, you seem cool! Hope all is well in your dimension of existence.
  • May 2 2015 at 08:38am
    I want your Transformers collection. My Cosplay needs help though, but if you are going to Akon in Dallas this year lets talk :D
  • Mar 26 2015 at 02:29pm
    Hi! I like your profile and your Sailor Mars wallpaper too. I grew up in Kenefick, Texas and went to Dayton High school.
  • Mar 21 2015 at 04:37pm
    Pretty cute, too bad you live so far away. Just figured since you were one of my matches I would let you know.