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Fan-Gal, 33, Dunbar, West Virginia, United States.

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  • Jun 22 2019 at 08:44am
    Hi, you sound cool
  • May 20 2019 at 08:20am
    Thanks for the add. So what style of martial arts do you like?
  • May 19 2019 at 09:17am
    Hello thank you for the add!!! I see I’m older than most people on here but I’m a kid at heart. I don’t take things to seriously, I just want to enjoy and share my hobbies with friends. I’m also searching for something new to geek out on, music, horror movies, anime. I believe in being positive all the time. Smiling is the key. You get a lot more out of life.
  • Mar 21 2019 at 05:15pm
    Hello, AIM!
    Would love to connect with you.
  • Mar 7 2019 at 06:06pm
    Is it me or are the cute bunnies distracting cute
  • Jan 9 2019 at 07:35pm
    I assume like most guys on here, you are my dream woman. ???? Lol
  • Jun 3 2018 at 01:52pm
    Hello, on facebook I'm known as Ms. A