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Fan-Guy, 32, Discovery Bay, California, United States.

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  • Sep 26 2018 at 12:01pm
    So I have been a huge nightwing fan but I never knew enough about daredevil t...
  • Sep 20 2018 at 09:33am
    This site is actually pretty chill, I noticed forums are not as active but individual messaging is. People reply and not i...
  • Sep 19 2018 at 06:09pm
    So I know this is a unpopular opinion but I think Disney is doing a great job with the new Star Wars sequels. Yes force aw...
  • Sep 19 2018 at 06:01pm
    Loved it, I love the star Trek one with the girl from HIMYM, that one totally mind fked me. Along with the one where you c...

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