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Fan-Gal, 24, Louisville, Colorado, United States.

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  • Mar 21 2019 at 06:53pm
    Mmm... You are so very, very lovely.
  • Sep 17 2018 at 04:01pm
    Like date you
  • Jul 24 2018 at 09:23am
    Hey :-). How is your morning going ;-)?
  • Apr 18 2018 at 03:55pm
    What are some of your favorite anime? My top 3 are Danganronpa, Code Geass, and Naruto
  • Sep 21 2017 at 01:14pm
    Hi! I'd be interested in talking to you. We share interests you and I. :-)
  • May 27 2017 at 01:22pm
    I think you would make an excellent Anna, if you wanted to be a disney princess!