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Fan-Gal, 19, San Antonio, Texas, United States.

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  • May 6 2019 at 02:41pm
    Hi Lizz cool profile. Im JayJ. Im new (like fresh out da profile oven new) to this site so thought i'd broaden my cyber social horizons. hbu
  • Jan 10 2019 at 10:08pm
    *waves hello at the fellow science geek*
    Granted, my interests are more towards theoretical quantum physics and brane theory- especially when getting into multiversal physics and concepts- but I had to study biology as a medic and wasn't run off by it :D
  • Jan 9 2019 at 07:22pm
    I think you are cute, especially your goth look
    I love star wars, science was always my favorite subject. You like all the things I like. You are pretty much my dream girl. ????