Lavellan: Var lath vir suledin

Fan-Gal, 30, Seattle, Washington, United States.

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  • Jan 25 2018 at 07:46pm
    Hi there
  • Aug 25 2016 at 01:46pm
    Hotsy totsy* I hate this iPhone -_-
  • Aug 25 2016 at 01:43pm
    Tevinter be damned! Lol I always hoped that a DLC involving the invasion of Tevinter would come out. Great profile, and you are a Horst totsy! Just sayin :b
  • Mar 12 2016 at 09:09pm
    Always glad to see someone mention Lodoss War. Love the name too, Inquisitor Lavellan. Next stop, Tevinter!
  • Feb 14 2016 at 01:06pm
    Spend that point on laser guns, I sent one..or swords..OR Sorcery.
    Most likely sorcery, but what else a Sorcerer would say.
    Love your profile, Venom is my fav. antihero/villain, I just love the whole aspect of the Symbiotes.
    And may the Force be with you, and others (Other for me unknown religion).
    *from a so close but far away land*