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Fan-Guy, 19, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia.

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  • Jan 7 2019 at 05:46am
    Do you know how to do it? I just use comments to add to that XD sure in edit profile but can't seem to find the way to cha...
  • Jan 6 2019 at 08:27am
    Anyone got any news on the topic? Its one of the most anticipated things I have for anime, specially after the movie.
  • Jan 6 2019 at 06:35am
    Turns out there are notifications not only via email but also below ur profile so alright there. Last thing I need to veri...
  • Jan 6 2019 at 06:24am
    Hi, kiroe here,
    So i wanted to ask you all if you've had any experience with long distance relationships (different countr...

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