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Fan-Guy, 48, Penrith, New South Wales, Australia.

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  • Mar 17 2019 at 05:02pm
    Hi guys,
    So been on here for a few weeks now and no one seems to want to engage with me in as much as a simple chat, am I...
  • Mar 8 2019 at 06:50am
    I got onto it a year ago it took me the whole year to binge it im all caught up now, and i cant wait to see the animated t...

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  • Apr 17 2019 at 06:28pm
    Coming down off a 4 day Star Wars celebration binge how cool it was! My only complaint is when they make thinks exclusive to actual ticket holders. Why can’t they adopt a blitz on model let me buy a virtual ticket and give me complete access. Funny though that they withheld one part and it was uploaded by spectators within the hour lol
  • Mar 17 2019 at 05:06pm
    I saw Captain Marvel with some buddies last week and thought it was another well done marvel movie, tied things in well plenty of super action and it was great ???? what did any one else thing?
  • Mar 13 2019 at 06:00pm
    So the only people to contact me are only scammers not doing much for my self esteem surely some one out there wants to talk geek with me, right?
  • Mar 7 2019 at 10:29pm
    I’m so (team armerica)