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  • Jul 10 2017 at 03:01pm
    Hi. There's a reason you haven't heard from me in a while because this isn't me, it's my mom. Mark violated his parole and is in NY state for the rest of his sentence. His Louisiana parole officer didn't want to deal with him anymore and found a reason to violate. He has to finish his sentence in prison. No, he is not a violent criminal. His charge was statutory rape in that he didn't use judgment and slept with an underage girl. She wanted money that he wouldn't give her so she turned him in. Mark will be released and completely free in October 2018. He would like to have you write him. His address is Mark Whitaker 7049, Delaware County Jail, 280 Phoebe Lane Suite 5, Delhi NY 13753
  • Nov 22 2016 at 04:32pm
    Oh hi there :DD!