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Fan-Gal, 30, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States.
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I'm a down-to-earth Louisiana gal looking for love, friendship, and minions. Especially minions. When not obsessing about horror films, superheros, and general geekery I love to go to movies, reading, and taking in a good themepark. Also, I'm a major history lover. Be prepared to go both 13th Gate and the Ren-Faire every year!


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Fan-Guy, 29, San Francisco, California, United States.
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I'm Michael. Born and raised in the Bay Area of California and have been a nerd for as long as I can remember! I'm a pretty huge fan of video games, anime/manga and western comic books. I consider myself a very easy going individual who enjoys having fun doing pretty much anything. From going on adventures to find food to chilling at my local comic book store grabbing books to read there are few things I won't enjoy. I probably have a graphic tee for every occasion and can easily lose myself scouring wiki sites fo lore trivia on anything nerdy. I signed up with this site to meet more like-minded people who enjoy the same things I do! Thanks for reading!


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Fan-Gal, 32, Morgantown, West Virginia, United States.
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I think I'm well rounded with a love for many things. I'm a huge fan of movies and books. Horror, fantasy and science fiction are my favorites. I go to as many conventions as I can to meet my favorite celebs and support local artist/authors. Love games of all kinds. I enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities.


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Fan-Guy, 34, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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I am a 2D/3D artist and professor developing my own games and just enjoying life. I go to conventions, cosplay, and enjoy socializing every now and then as much as staying at home.

I'm a big fan of 80's and 90's cartoons and a big enjoyer of superhero movies. I'm not the 'finer' things in life kind of guy, but I earn my money so that I make sure I can enjoy things like VIP tickets to the movies, nice dinners, board game nights and all the little awesome things life has to offer.

I enjoy everyday and if there's two things that keep me happy and all I need, are LOVE and FOOD. If you give me those, I'll draw you all the pictures you ever want haha.

I love spending quality time just relaxing together, going out on dates, but also equally enjoy doing our own things. What's important to me is going to bed at the same time and eating dinner together!


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Fan-Gal, 25, Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.
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German girl with Turkish heritage. Twenty-Five. Vegan. Curious. Talkative. Non-Religious. Smiley-Face. Geek. Wanderlust.

I’m into drawing, writing, travel, lazy days, Anime and Manga. It is my dream to live abroad and I’m looking for someone who wants to come with me :)

Currently, I'm living in Vietnam for an internship, I will be back in Germany in June.

I study Social Work/Services, but I'm not sure if I want to continue in this area after my Bachelor's degree. So I'm back in writing and drawing again, hoping to freelance after Uni and thinking about to start a YouTube channel.

Also very important to mention is, that I don’t want children of my own. I love children, but I don’t have to be a mother myself.


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Fan-Guy, 44, Aurora, Colorado, United States.
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I'm a creative director professionally, and a creative geek in my spare time. I build props. I listen to film scores. My home is a shrine to movies and TV. I have been Bane, Krueger, Heisenberg, and most often, a Ghostbuster. I can binge shows for my country. I'm originally from England but now reside in Colorado. I'm not a clubber. I love craft beer and bourbon. Spicy food is life. I'm a father of three and they are my joy.