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Sep 12 2007 at 09:25am
I like the book, it is time has been in a weird warp.
Plus you know she did go through trouble and the book is really good so I feel slightly scummy not reading it when I wanted to and such.
After that I am starving now, very tired, the caffeine from the soda and sugar has given me a headache.
Today was weird I got school work done, but it seems empty, and full at the same time.
Oh no concert for me tonight, Letiecia and her BF backed out, and I have too much school work, and well I have no idea, but the night just seems blown with just me and Audrey going to the cert, I should have gone though there would have been girls there and Audrey can be a very good wingman er a woman.
So tired, must do school work, then read that book.

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