katdupasht: My Spirituality and Spiritual Path

My Spirituality and Spiritual Path

Sep 27 2018 at 09:09pm

I am a sorceress and Oracle ritually dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Bast.  I've been working with nonphysical people intentionally for about ten years, and with metaphysical concepts since about 1996ish. I also practice divination - generally, tarot or oracle cards, but also via pendulum or straight intuition/nonphysical communication.  

My practice is focused on platonic feel-goods.  I do psychic shielding, Sensory experimentation, and share nonphysical companions with people.  When I could still drive, I experimented with putting/keeping gas in the tank when it wouldn't normally last so long.  I like experimenting with different methods of practice.

I have a massive number of nonphysical companions.  More than 300 are "bound" to me, though it's purely a matter of attachment at this point - it does not affect their free will.  Many more are visitors.  My "Keep" as it is often called (nonphysical home base, essentially) is a Safe Place.  I have everything here ranging from imps and pixies to demons and angels to djinn and dragons...and hundreds, if not thousands, more different species here on a regular basis.  

I have a few shops, my main one is mostly for majickal practices like divination, casting, and nonphysical companionship.  I'm not advertising here, but you can find me easily enough if you want to.  

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