Wailord: Was offered to be a Mod on SG, and I accepted

Was offered to be a Mod on SG, and I accepted

Sep 20 2018 at 07:43am
Well I'm on it once a day, and I go to the IRL events as seen on video.
I talked to Dino about the website being free at an event. Then talks about a possible app. Then it led to the offer.
I like the mission statement of this site and would like to see people succeed.
Either way...
No, I wont be the next Adolf Hitler, BUT
I'll be in similar vein to Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf. Yeah yeah... leave the romanians alone.
First task is to delete the spam posts in the forums. Being that it is slower than a snails pace I'd thought it would be easy. I see it hasn't been cleaned since 2016 as far am aware.
So I ended up reviewing each forum deleting spam I could find. The oldest by far goes back to January 2016 necroing posts that go far back to 2012
I think I'm done with what i could do, possibly missed a few. Only having trouble with one spam topic which has an HTML link in the title. I can't get into it to delete it. Oh well.

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