CallistoRomano: DandD is life

DandD is life

Aug 1 2018 at 06:05pm

Well, I love to play DandD. to the point if we dont have our normal session on saturday i feel wierd and deprived of Imagination. I guess im strange that way but thats ok hehe. 

I play a Half-wolf, Fighter,

she is a blonde with emerald green eyes has wolf ears, fangs, a tail, and sharp claws

she is a bit ditsty but is also simplistic and loyal to a fault. she sure does have a short temper  and in sessions she has been used to be thrown and litterally kill things with her hind end. haha good times.

 I just hope one day i can find someone who loves DandD and can handle me at the same time. 

hope your out there Mr. Right. hope you Roll a nat 20 in Charisma when you and I talk ill do the same.

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  • Oct 28 2018 at 12:14pm
    hehe hello
  • Oct 28 2018 at 09:37am
    I am building an adventure around a 10th level character who is about to start a civil war, catching all of the adventurers up in a political struggle between several factions and pose ethical and moral delimas that will possibly rip the party apart.
  • Sep 30 2018 at 12:34am
    *rolls*......covers d20 sorry it's a secret roll. I guess I'll just take a chance....
    On a simple hello........hello. lol


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