Bbc24: Rehash on me and what im looking for

Rehash on me and what im looking for

Jul 26 2018 at 08:35pm

I am a gamer, a sci-fi nerd, crochet and knitter. I also have cats, and I am crazy, but I am not a crazy cat lady........well I mean, technically, I am, but like, yeah, I'm not. I am funny, I always crack jokes, I think I am funny, people who do not think I am were probably dropped as a child.  I have a crude sense of humor and a crude look on life. I am always thinking about the past and the future, and some times I come down from the clouds and focus my attention to the present. I am very approachable and easy to get a long with. I have a resting bitch face that I am working on, but I think you would prefer that face over my glossed over smiling 24/7 face that I put on so that I don't scare the children away lol.

I am looking for someone I can "shoot-the-shit" with. Hang out, have some fun, talk about life, relationships, aliens, and what the exact expiration date could be for a twinkie. I also want to talk about politics, science, stocks, history, etc. I am not a dictionary or encyclopedia and I have bad memory. I am looking for someone who will not get frustrated if I forget GW Bush SR's most notable policy, but I still know what Anthony Weiner's......weiner looks like (I mean, it was nice what can I say?).

If you play pc or console games or at least know what "Resistance is futile!" came from then.....WINNING! lol

So in case you glossed over all of that, read this part. I am looking for:
-Not so serious
-Not a psychopath
-Not a sociopath
-Not my parents lol (This isn't an age reference, its just me being funny, sorry)
-Gentleman or Lady
-Within the D.C. metro area, or at least frequents it so that you don't feel like your doing a lot of shit just to see me.

-I don't care if you are a man, woman, trans, lady/man of the night, gay, straight, bi, refer to themselves as they or them or an attack helicopter. I don't care if you cross-dress on Wednesday and worship satan on Sunday, or wear more panties than I do (I would just feel like I need to step my game up if my friend has better underwear than me loool). I value other things in life, I value you being you (please don't message me if you are the murdering type, that's really not my thing, 
and really puts a cramp in my style) thanks for reading.

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