Eddygordo1: Some Girls

Some Girls

Dec 22 2015 at 05:34pm

I met some girls that act like a tool they want a gangsta what does that mean. I think it mean they want a man that tell her what to do, hit her sometimes if she do something wrong like a dog. Its really sad some girls like a guy like that i understand putting a girl in a place but i don't hit mines or tell her what to do all the time. I give them the freedom to do whatever they want if you looking for a guy that treat you like dirt go somewhere else. If you want a guy who like you for who you are that treat you like their equal and that treat you like a princess drop me a message in my inbox.

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  • May 8 2017 at 02:10pm
    If a girl doesn't feel intimidated by you she don't want you. Girls really don't want sweet, loyal, or funny. And it's worse for Asian guys as well lmao
    I can't find a girl to save my life because I'm really shy unless I've had a drink lol
    Someone here will say, "that's your problem, you're looking for GIRLS and not WOMEN!"
    I mean, really... shit ain't no different. Only difference is, they've probably been ran through so much that they're 25 looking 52 lol
    I live in a huge city, Orlando, and I go out on the weekend with my younger family side. Maybe I'm too fat or something lol
  • Jan 5 2016 at 05:49pm
    I completely agree with you, it's sad that most of them do and then cry about it after awhile, how they're being treated shitty etc.


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