lady_morgan: Making the plunge

Making the plunge

Jun 2 2015 at 02:50pm

I just plunked down $9.95 to upgrade this thing. Why? Because I really want to find my soulgeek, and I liked all the options here; such as the blogging.

Life is having it's ups and downs and it's time to get in the dating scene again. I live in Indianapolis, IN. I have an assistance dog named Duke, and I'm trying to learn to play Skyrim. I just splurged and ordered a memory upgrade for my computer so it will be 8 GB instead of 4 GB. I also hope to upgrade my video card before the end of the year. Between the two, I should be able to run DAZ Studio without a problem once more. And I am also looking forward to Windows 10.

On 22 February 2015 I was pretty severely beaten about the head by my then boyfriend. We ended up talking, and nearly getting back together last week (I'm a very trusting and forgiving person), but since I have Asperger's I can't maintain a lie to save my soul, so last night I told my son who spoke loving logic to me.

I am hoping to get a new wheelchair soon. At least, the DME was out here last week to take my measurements for my new wheels. So, Medicaid willing, I'll have it within a month. I'm stoked! Yes, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

Gen Con is in about a month and a half and my badge is ordered. That also is a source of happiness. Though, R. A. Salvatore won't be there this year. That makes me a bit sad. But, what can you do? One of these years I hope I have enough income to get a hotel room downtown and a VIP pass as well. But, maybe my new chair will be here before GenCon. That would be lovely.

And maybe I'll meet a soulgeek there, or find one here on this site who is going to be here for Gen Con. That would be amazing.

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