JDS2: Poem, When the Tide Finally Comes in

Poem, When the Tide Finally Comes in

May 23 2015 at 05:52pm

When the tide finally comes in
I shall surf it on through
Going beyond current times
Into the vast limitless body
Of a greater unknown
An enduring adventure I seek refuge

Something fresh, something new
Uninhibited, going all out
As if tomorrow never existed

Open air of possibilities
Sea song rhapsodies
Embedded with free will
Captivated in the essence of love

Being as brave as can be
Inspired by warmth and compassion
Passionate for a new journey’s attraction
Upon a soul’s newfound rejuvenation
Being bold into the vast unknown

The tide shall finally come in
No fear in sight
Site of a heart reborn
No longer broken by love’s own plight

Surfing through the depth
Into a realm once unseen and untouched
A sea of endless dreams
This place my heart resides
See this soul first
This body is always not enough

I no longer swim away
So if I fall
It was all in the name of love
No reason, it was all, Just because
Release your body’s deceiving ways
Then let your soul guide you through

When the tide finally comes in
I will always be in love with, you 


Written By James Darwin Smith II

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