PiplupPrincess: Passionate much?

Passionate much?

May 15 2015 at 11:28pm

I thought I'd give this a try considering that I normally don't write too many blogs unless it's for something I am liveblogging or showcasing my artwork/writing/productions. 

So let's see where shall we begin? I guess the beginning since this is something brand new that I am doing. 

My name's Jen (though a lot of people call me Jenny), I am an Early Childhood Education major. I have been studying to be a teacher since 2010 when I finally settled on a major that really spoke to me. I am an aspiring writer with dreams of penning my first novel in the romance genre. I've been told by many people that I am like a "living anime girl" because of my mannerisms and general personality traits. I enjoy reading books ranging from epic novels to manga. I could spend all of my time in a book store reading as many books as I can carry over to a sitting area. My favorite thing to do is curl up with a good book and read all day. 

I am a bit of a shopaholic and I love fashion. You could say that I have a passion for it. I am pretty good with find the right look for anyone or anything. Most of the time I love to go to a shopping center and look at the various fashion trends to get an idea on what would look good on people I met or for myself. 

I am huge anime fanatic with a love of shoujo, maho shoujo, slice of life, and musical anime series. I was first introduced to my geeky side when I was a kid by way of watching a little television block called Toonami. I normally steer  towards series that have a really good plot, storyline and anything that can hold my attention without me flipping the channel or turning it off. If an anime series had a manga I'll read it afterwards to do a compare and contrast of the source material to the animation. It's a lil hobby that I picked up from studying how to compare and contrast in school. 


I enjoy a lot of television series that comes on during Primetime. I am a huge fan of anything that usually comes on ABC and I adore a lot of the evening sitcoms. During "dancing" season I am an avid viewer of Dancing With The Stars and have a crazy dream of dancing on the show myself if I ever became famous enough. I have also watched Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. since it's premiere and I love it to death. I am a huge fan of paranormal/crime dramas too. My favorite being Forever. I love the plot and storyline for the whole series and I'm a little bummed out that it's cancelled. But I still watch the reruns on Hulu. 

I love a lot of the Marvel Cinematic universe movies and my favorite movie is Guardians of The Galaxy which I saw three times in a row and watch it whenever it's on TV. I also love anything with the Avengers in it and I am part of Loki's fangirl army. 

I love a lot of video games and I am a Nintendo Fan. My favorite gaming series is anything with the Mushroom Kingdom inhabitants in it. I love all of the Mario game titles and I play them often. I am also a tournament level player in Super Smash Bros with my best character being Princess Peach. I love playing during online play and I have been known to never back down from a challenge. 

Overall I am sort of a Queen of the nerds if you will. I love anything geeky and I will indulge in it almost instantly.

I have been told I have high standards when it comes to finding someone that's the person only for me and I have yet to find the right person. All I really want is someone that I can hang out with and be able to talk to without it dissolving into an arguement. A person that would accept all of my good and bad flaws. I honestly want someone that likes me for me. 

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  • Dec 22 2015 at 05:50pm
    Wow you wrote lots of good info on your blog except your age. I enjoy reading your blog and i would like it if you and me was good friends if you want of course. I watch anime one piece,bleach,and naruto. I just don't watch main stream anime shows i also watch non main stream. All together i watch 81 anime shows so far and i'm look toward reaching to 100. Enough of me i want to know more about you if you ok with it


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