Gammingnerd64: This introduction isn't there, either is the spoon

This introduction isn't there, either is the spoon

Mar 2 2015 at 11:33pm

Hiya, I'm Ren, just your average person living a average life that's pretty easygoing. I love the Zelda series 


Q: even the CDi games? 

A: *turns around and puts hands around questionare's neck with a creepy smile* They're not real 

*5 mintues later with blood on hands*    

I find it funny how one game series can take me on real life adventures as well.


Anyway where was I?  Oh, yes, as said on my profile I enjoy martial arts, but i also enjoy other stuff as well like photograpghy,  cosplaying, history, video games, ( I only game at night though), comics (drawing and reading them), acting like a mime, The Angry video game Nerd (is it weird that the guy who played the nerd literally took me back to the past after watching a few videos? )   


Im gonna be honest here, i'm more into goth stuff XD i dunno why maybe it's my morbid humor (which unfornately is a turn off for some :/ )     but i'm still a nerd at heart :-)   


I think that's all I wanna say  see ya guys later i guess, or maybe not, meh its your choice 

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