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New Year

Jan 11 2015 at 06:53pm

After much deliberating, I have found a new car!

At least it's new to me. I must admit I grew tired of hoping to find something else but I took a leap and got a nice Accord. I have decided to continue to take leaps this year. I'll be working on my professional portfolio and cooking the kind of food I want to make. I'll also continue working my two jobs to make sure that I can continue to afford the geeky life and all the statues that I want. As well as something for a soulgeek-mate -- whenever I find out *crosses fingers!!!*

I have decided to name it the EXWING. There are no other plates available for Star Wars names. Or at least not with all the combinations I have tried so far. I will have to marathon those movies soon. Yes, all 6. Also, I will be running the L.A. Marathon in March and the Long Beach Marathon in October. It's time to get fit and continue to grow. Already lost a jacket size for my Chef's jackets and now it's time to continue. I would like to Cosplay during Otakon in August, too. I just don't know as what character, yet.

I want to have some more adventures on the East Coast and visit more locales. Definitely need to hit up DC more and visit The Zoo, the museums and all the good food.

Have a great new year!!!

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