Wailord: Tried out the Pho Burger at Ktown Night Market

Tried out the Pho Burger at Ktown Night Market

Oct 27 2014 at 09:44pm

Pho Burger was pretty good no doubt. small bread though... though my disapointment was that the  Pho noodles were just sandwiched in instead of being the buns like the Ramen Burger. Ordered it along with Shrimpchips, and Jasmine Tea. Not so amusing thing happened with my shrimpchips... some hispanic elderly guy tried to take all my chips while eating my burger. the entire open air market was filled with police and security to patrol the area as it was a big event, and not one of was a few feet away when it happened. So much for them. well i had one arm free so so I saved  the majority of it. I let the man take just one chip as I was talking with my mouth full. lol this whole post is about the chips rather than the burger.

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