Deleted Member: About My SoulGeek Self

About My SoulGeek Self

Sep 4 2014 at 11:54am

Sorry, currently my 'edit profile' is having a glitch, and continued to inform me that there was nothing written in my 'About Me' panel.

So I will be putting that here.

How much does a Narwhal weigh? Enough to break the ice!
My name is Cortney Elizabeth.
Call me whatever suits your fancy.
I am an aspiring author who loves writing fanfiction and is working on my own work constantly. I love art- all kinds, Painting, drawing, music, ect. I play the violin, clarinet, and trombone and would love to learn more guitar. 
I'm quite the existentialist, and tend to lean towards philosophy and egoism as a passion of mine. There's something to say about people who feel the need to conform to their society and those who don't. There's a saying, that it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society, which I live by. Understand that I can be a very passionate, and frankly sensitive person about this particular subject. It is especially important for me to find a person who is their own self, and does not conform to the lacking moral grounds of today's overly sexualized and dumbed-down society. Intelligence is definitely something important to me, along with a good taste in music and literature, as what you read and listen to tends to say a lot about what a person cares about and who they are. 'Pop' music is not acceptable. No exceptions. Sorry, but it just doesn't count. You will often find me jamming to the odd musical finds you hear on that 'odd corner of Youtube' and copious amounts of old soundtracks on vinyl.
  I love Animals, all kinds, and currently have a dog after having to give up my cats for my work. I am passionate (with both my hearts) about curiosity and discovery. I think it's important to constantly question the way things are and bring about change.
I'm probably not the easiest person to be with, as, like I said before, I cannot accept what is laid down in front of me. Things can always be improved upon. I am very stubborn and set in my ways, but am as open-minded as I can possibly manage to be. You have to have a pretty freaking strong argument to change my mind on anything. But I am willing to listen. ;-)
I don't want to give away everything, this is simply the framework to give you an idea of what you're getting in to. 
I love tulips, baby's breath, and sunflowers.
Favorite show- Proooobably Sherlock. (BBC)
My favorite colour is a dark purple or burgundy.
I definitely want babies somewhere down the line.
I really love to eat and sleep, and have a relatively busy schedule converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.
That should about do it! See ya on the other side

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