Deleted Member: Dipping my toes in the dating ocean

Dipping my toes in the dating ocean

Nov 4 2013 at 11:47am

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about how tired I am of coming back from work to an empty house and of having nothing good to eat.  Partly that's because I have all the cooking drives of a standard carnivore, and partly its because I was raised in a large family where there always seemed to be a sufficient supply of hugs.  Now, there are none.  Sad.

Last night I gamed with a couple of friends.  One guy, we'll call him Thaxle, likes to drink and smoke during the sessions, which doesn't inherently offend me, except for the cigar smoke.  It gets pretty rank.  I can't say I've ever enjoyed smoke, and he does take it onto the balcony outside.  Unfortunately, that balcony also happens to the be the direction of the draft which keeps the room cool, which means that a majority of the smoke makes its way straight back into the room where we're trying to game.  Not the best thing.

My current adventuring party consists of a bard, Thaxle, an urban druid, Holmes, with his cohort, a swashbuckler named Watson, and a halfling rogue named Vincenzo.  I've been running the arcane might of the party in the form of a pyroelementalist wizard, Eilonwy.  Eilonwy was originally created by my sister, but the character has been repurposed for this campaign.  Anyway, the party has been rampaging across the land introducing the various cities to the power of rock.  Thaxle has been bought an inn, built a performing stadium with a dragon in the basement, and they recently fulfilled the mandate of a deity of time by rescuing the city from rampaging hordes of savage races.  All in all, it's been great fun, but I'm thinking I may want to wind down the campaign one way or another.  I can't think of a fast way to do that, other than a brutal TPK, but perhaps I can set up a solid retirement plan for the characters.

In other news, my immediate future remains murky as it seems that my two bosses disagree  about whether I will spend next Wednesday running around with a rubber rifle and pretending to assault enemy forces or staring at a tiny little computer screen.  Honestly, I think I'd rather be playing with a rubber rifle, but the plan was originally going to be that I stared at a computer screen, so it's jarring to be told that the plan is no longer planned.  Hopefully, they'll get back to me on that shortly.

Well, I'm not sure what other people put in their blogs.  I think the last time I did a blog I rebuilt the Tarrasque to suit the epic rules set, since the Tarrasque is actually very poorly built in my opinion.  This time around, perhaps I could get some responses or questions?  I always prefer to have some kind of interaction when I start shooting my mouth off.  It helps me say something someone is interested in hearing.

For my next update, I may do a book review, game review, or something of the like.  I have another gaming session set up for this coming Friday.  Supposedly, everyone on this site is a geek, nerd, or gamer, so maybe the old adage that no one cares about your imaginary character does not apply.  I know I've met several people who seem to regard it as a valid topic of conversation around here, although that is definitely an exception to the norm.

Oh, one thing I want to set up as a tradition for these blogs, a word of the day.  These words of the day will always come from my head, although I will review past blogs so as not to repeat words I've used in the past.  For today's word, how about "ingenuitize".  It's a verb that I feel has great potential to exist in the English language.  Next time, a word of the day that officially exists!

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