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Mia and the demon

Jul 14 2013 at 09:58pm

{Scene 1} Opening (Mia is walking to school, then the scene changes to Mia sitting in class doing her work, then it changes to Mia walking home, then to Mia in here room crying holding herself in the crouched position on her bed. She has browses on here arms and legs. Then her dad walks in. Then it goes black and you see the title.) Mia: (You hear her voice begin after the first scene change) "You never know how a person feels about their life until it’s too late to do anything about it. How they feel out in public may be different then in their home. You never know what will happen to the people that bottle everything up. {Scene 2} New World (Mia is in a holding cell; she still has blood on here clothes and is waiting for the police to proses her. There are 2 other people in the cell (they look like hookers). Then she blacks out and when she gets up she sees a man that looks dangeres but with a kind face. She is in a place that look completely different then earth; she is in the demon world.) Mia: "Where am I please let me out, where am I" (she blinks them a moment later sits up then stands). "Oh my head, what happened?" Tenma Oumono: (He is standing behind her) "Are you hurt?" Mia: (She turns to face him) "No, thank you. Who Are you, where am I, how did I get here?" Tenma Oumono: (He starts to walk to her) "I am Tenma Oumono you can call me Tenma, you are hear, free from what you were, and as for how you got here i don’t know, but i can tell you that you got the attention of all that live here." (He points behind her, she tern and gasps as a demon moves to try and kill her, but Tenma jumps in with a single swing of his hand kill the demon) "Here people like you are food for fools like him." Mia: (Gasping from frit, she looks at tenma) "What are you and what was that, where are we?" Tenma: (He walks up to her and reaches out to her) "Come with me and I will show you everything that you want to know and even things that will help you understand this place." (She reaches out and grabs his hand and they walk down a trail that leads them to his house.) Tenma: (He stops and while holding her hand he offers her shelter in side with the outer hand) "Please come in, we need to tend to the cut on your head before you get sick. Don’t worry we will be safe in here for now that is." Mia: (She nodes her head and they step in the door) "This is a lovely little house. Do you live here by yourself?" (As she step in the door she gasped and can’t believe what she sees. the place is in perfect condition. Dinner is set at the far end of the house and the fire is lit to the left with to chairs one on each side of a small couch and then a door open to a bed room next to some stairs that leads to the 2nd floor. The floors are wood stained a dark red that matched his hair. The kitchen looked as if it were stoked with food and wine for a month, pans hung over a wood stove with a spice rack on the wall next to the it, a cutting board of thick wood lay on the counter next the stove.) "What a beautiful home, such a place must be flattering to your wife." Tenma: (With a sad look in his eyes he smirked) "Yes she loves the house." Mia: (She noticed the sad look and tried to walk to him) "I'm sorry I did not mean to bring up bad memories." Tenma: (Still with the same look on his face) "They were all good memories of my wife. 100 years have past scents, and every year i go to the spot she vanished from." (As he looked at her he smiled) "Please eat if you are hungry, I make more than I can eat, it may not taste good but you can eat it." Mia: (In fright Mia gasped) "Oh know i forgot to tell you my name, I’m Mia named after my grandmother pleased to meet you. (she laughed a little) that’s funny I tell you my name after everything you did for me, thank you for your help." Tenma: (He starts walking to the kitchen) "Please wash your hands before you come eat, bloody hands won’t look good at the dinner table." Mia: (Mia looked down and remembered something. She doesn’t remember how it happened but she knows it belong to someone she knew) "Were did this come from, what happened? (She was fritted beyond what she could handle, she began to hyper ventilate then she started to cry and sweat) What happened to me? (Then she passed out, when she woke it was dark out tenma was sitting in the window smoking a cigarette, her clothing was changed) What happened to me?" Tenma: (He looks at her then flicks his cigarette out the window and jumps down) "Sorry but after what happened I thought it best to change your clothes. Don't worry I didn't take advantage of you." (He walked up and sat next to her, she sat up with a sad look on her face.) "My I ask where the bruises came from? You don't need to tell me if you don’t want to, I will understand. When you are ready to talk you will, it will help with the healing. Get some rest now you need your strength for tomorrow." (He stands up and walks out of the room closing the door behind him) (She lay down in bed remembering where the browses came from. Every night cents she was 8 when her mother died her father would rape her, saying "She’s dead now you have to do this for me if you don’t i will beat you like i did her" Then She remembered her mother’s last word "It is your pain that will set you free from everything, if you let go of your fears.";-) {Scene 3} The First Operates (The next morning she woke to find some cloths on a dresser with a not "please ware these for now I think they soot you, there is some food for you on the table make yourself at home I will be back soon And don’t go to fare from the house." She got changed and went out and sat down at the table. She looked at the food then looked around and thought. Mia: "What did he mean not to go to fare from the house?" (She got up from the chair and walked to the door. When she opened the door she saw the most beautiful thing out side. A water fall and river, trees and mountains as fare as the eye could see.) Mia: "Wow what a beautiful place. I can’t stay here all day and I don’t want to intrude on him." (As she looked at the place in front of her she thought it can’t be that bad out there so she went for a walk. Then just as she stepped out some one pushed her on the ground. She turned and looked there was a demon that wanted to kill and eat her.) Demon: "Well there little one you look like a taste morsel." (He bites at her. she gets up and runs for her life) "This is perfect I love to chase my food it tastes better when it’s scared." Tenma: (Tenma wasn't fare from there when he herd Mia scream he started to run to her.) "I hope I’m not too late I need to know how she got here." (The demon was fast, He caught up to Mia in no time he swung a sword at her cutting her left arm she screamed, grabbing it she ran for her life as fast as she could but the demon swung his sword and cut her leg. As she screamed Tenma herd her and ran as fast as he could to her thinking he might still have time. Mia now on the ground crying from the pain looked at the demon hopping he might find some pity) Demon: "Now that is out of the way it is time to have a bite." (Just then Mia's Crying turned to laughing and dark demonic ora came from her) Demon: (The look of shock on his face.) "What’s this you little brat you played me." (Mia let out a roar and slashed open the demon. Tenma feeling the new ora stopped in fright and wondered why it felt so familiar to him then it vanished. Mia pasted out and fell to the ground. Tenma arrive as she fell. Ketching her he thought that the dead demon on the ground meet someone else out here a very strong demon that can hide it's ora like him, but he could not find any trace of it not thinking too much of it he took her back to his house and laid her on the couch. She woke minutes later he was in a window again smoking.) Mia: "Thank you for saving me again." Tenma: "Not I, someone else got there before I, did you see him?" Mia: "NO, did you expect a friend to come here." Tenma: (Now thinking of the ora again with a worried look on his face) "No, the demon what happened?" Mia: (Now sitting up on the couch with a scared look, told him what happened and that she fainted before the demon died) "I'm sorry but that is all that I remember." Tenma: (Now with a look of fear and wonder on his face) "I see, (He thought for a sec he knew it was here and had to know) Mia were did your grandmother come from?" Mia: ";Don’t know she never said. All I know is that she was from fare away." Tenma: (He through his smoke out the window and walked to the door) "I'm going to have a look around and see if I can find out what happened. I would like to thank this demon for saving you." Mia: (As he closed the door Mia could not stop thinking of what she really remembered. As the flashes and glimpse of the poor and unfortunate demons death pasted through her thoughts she could not think that she had anything to do with it. The same with the death of her father, the thought were the same.) "What is happening to the people around me?" {Scene 4} Training Day (The next day Mia woke to Tenma Standing in the door way) Tenma: "I want you to learn to defend your self-incase I’m not around. I can’t keep protecting you and what happened yesterday may have been your lucky day. So in an hour, you are to go over some simple things." (Mia looked happy that he was going to help here but sad because she thought that he didn't want her there. When the hour passed Tenma was waiting outside with what look like a rapier.) Tenma: "This is what you will fight with till you can wield it with ease, then you will learn to dual wield. When you learn to attack and defend with one, two will be easy and you can go were you like, but only after you learn to wield one. Your lesson is to hold it." Just then he pushed the sword deep in the ground. Mia: "Why did you do that, you will break it." (She walked over and tried to pull it out. The sword didn't move) "What is this some kind of trick or is the sword really that heavy? I can’t move it even an inch, how heavy is this sword?" Tenma: (He starts walk around her as she keeps trying to pull it out) "The sword ways about three pounds but you have to respect the power of the blade, use your strength with its strength, never think you control it because it will let you die.” Mia: "The sword won’t move if I don’t respect it and I can’t control it. What kind of sword is this? (She finally let’s go of the sword and sites on the ground out of breathe out of energy) "What just happened I can’t move?" Tenma: (Tenma stopped walking grabs Mia by the throat lifts her off the ground) "If you are going to stay alive you must not give up or you will die." (Just then her eyes turned red and a demonic ora started to appear. He dropped her and she landed on her knees and jumped up swinging a hand of nails that grow an inch long in a secant. He moved out of the way but not before he noticed what her real target was.) "Not that sword, you can’t pull that out of the ground." (Before he had a chants to tell her the rest she grabbed the sword and started to pull it up.) "That’s impossible you can’t pull such a sword out of the grounded with mere strength." (Just then she came at him with a hellish attack that destroyed the very ground he stood on.) "Such power can’t be good, I must stop her". Mia: (The attack was too much for her, the demonic ora dissipated.) "What’s going on, wow I got the sword it's lighter than I thought. Tenma look I got it isn't that great." (Tenma stood there looking at Mia play with the sword. He could not stop thinking about what made here change then change back.) Tenma: "I must learn what this is and how it works, she might be the key to going to the other side and finding my love." Mia: "Tenma what happen to your wife. Did she die because she couldn't fight?" Tenma: "No one day she vanished just before me, I don’t know where she went but I know she was alive. No more speaking of her, tell me about your family back home." Mia: "My father is no one to talk about but my mother was like an angle, but she died in an accident. My grandmother moved to our home town pregnant with my mother. We don't know much about where she came from but she said it was beautiful. I’m sorry but that is it. Can we go on to the next lesson now?" Tenma: "Fine, here are some weak demons that are used for training defend yourself for the next five hours." Mia: "What will that do for, ah" (before she could finish her sentence the little things started to attack her.) Tenma: "This will give you all the help you need to defend yourself." (As tenma sat there watch Mia train, he lit a smoke and thought about what she said and had no doubts that the girl in front of her is the granddaughter of his friend. A demon murdered him a month after finding out that he was going to be a father. He vowed to protect his family with his life. He took the young demon in as his own.) "Mitsukai it is time for me to keep my vow to you. A century has passed and now your grandchild will be safe." (After the time passed Mia was out of energy and lay to rest for just a moment. Tenma went to speak to his master about what happened and to see if what he thought could happen. The teleportation from one world to the other without finding a way back for 100 years.) (After Mia wakes she rubs her eyes and looks around not to see Tenma anywhere.) Mia: “Tenma where are you, Tenma… I’m alone, he left me here. Now where am I? His home is that way, ok let’s go. Come along little demons, Tenma must want to see how well I’m doing, let’s go.” (As she looks at the demons that Tenma spawned, for her to train with, she seemed to be happy and calm. The demons look at each other and with a little screeching sound started to fly over to Mia.) Mia: Ok let’s go to Tenma’s house. (With a smile, the rapier and four little training demons she started to walk in the direction of Tenma’s house. After some time she looks around and starts to notice she is lost.) Oh I’m lost, do you guys know how to get to Tenma’s house? (She looks at the four little training demons, hoping they might say something. As always they just sit there with a blank stare on their face like they want to say something but don’t.) You guy don’t say much do you? Its ok I… Flunky: So, what do we have here? A little girl and her pet demons, that so sweet. Hay let me ask you a something. Mia: (Mia holds the sword out like she is going to fight him but she has fear inn her eyes) what do you want with me? Flunky: (Flunky walks around Mia as he talks to here.) Yesterday my brother went to find food, but he never came back. I found his body slashed and defiled. Something killed him and I want to know how it happened. I know it was you I can smell him on you and you on him. (As he steps to the front of her he punches her knocking her back to a tree. With the punch Mia screamed as she flew back) I would love it if you tell me.


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