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Apr 26 2010 at 05:02pm
Half a year since my last post. Thats about right. I don't think anyone but myself ever reads this anyway.

More books read. Of course. The Simon R Green 'Nightside' series was brilliant. Sadly consumption only lasted a weekend. I need to slow down.

I've a couple Dresden Files books to read that I just haven't gotten to. I also want to read the Twilight series. Yeah, I know... the story, while having faults, is kinda addictive. I'll get over it.

My profile picture isn't up to date. I shaved off the beard mostly and been waxing the mustache as I flail around for "a look". The "Bay Area Geek Goatie" look is just kinda old. 'Sides, after over 15 years I've gotta change something up. Not going to be dyeing my hair violet again anytime soon, however there are some cases where I would do it again though... I miss that colour.

I keep poking around this site hoping to find signs of Bay Area life, but they seem to be far and few between.

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