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Fan-Guy, 29, Orlando, Florida, United States.
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I graduated from college about a year ago with a degree in Information Systems Technology and work IT at a private college. I grew up playing video games and watching copious amounts of Star Wars, Batman, and other sci-fi/action/fantasy movies and shows. I'm a big wrestling fan and attend the events whenever they come in town. My music taste is a bit all over the place but I can proudly say that I do not listen to country. I enjoy simple things like movie/show marathons to going out and exploring town.


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Fan-Guy, 22, Canton, Maine, United States.

While I am a bit above a casual gamer, I am a fairly casual man. You'll usually find me seated at my computer, either A) Playing a game alone, B) Playing with my friends (all but a few of which are online), or C) Just dicking around online watching YT videos or browsing meme websites that repost 4chan content. I play most types of games but prefer RPG's (hail to fallout and witcher 3 bby).