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  • by shitakimushrooms1991,
    Sep 27 2018 at 12:25am
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    Category: My SoulGeek Self
    Chrono Cross - Time's Scar [Guitar Cover]

    Well decided to do a cover of Time's Scar from the game Chrono Cross for the Playstation One. I just want to apologize in advance for the horrible...

  • by VampiricKai,
    Sep 23 2018 at 03:11pm
    Views: 86
    Comments: 86
    Category: Geektastic
    Fullmetal Alchemist punching bag collab

    A animation I made awhile back for a collab

  • by Emily,
    Sep 20 2018 at 08:56am
    Views: 43
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    Category: Sorta Geeky
    REMAKING "Who Let the Chomp Out?" IN ONLY 30 MINUTES!

    Okay, so you guys remember that SMG4 guy I told you about? Ya know, the one that made the original "Who let the Chomp out" video? Well..Now that...

  • by Emily,
    Sep 20 2018 at 08:34am
    Views: 23
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    Category: Not Really Geeky But Still Cool
    ♥Clarity LGBT full MEP ♥

    An awesome LGBTQ music vid using mostly Disney dog characters and others. :-)

  • by Emily,
    Sep 20 2018 at 05:06am
    Views: 60
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    Category: Geektastic
    Who let the Chomp out?!

    WARNING!: Video contains some strong language, and some adult humor! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Now, enjoy.
    This video was made by the very...

  • by windwolf14,
    Sep 19 2018 at 08:04pm
    Views: 24
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    Category: Geektastic
    Asriel at Fan X

    My performance at this years FanX starts at 2:04.

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