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  • by Azraeledelmorte,
    20 minutes ago
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    I read to you

    I read some Thomas Ligotti, with slight interruptions from real life. Pretty good microcosm of my life, really.

  • by Wailord,
    Jun 20 2019 at 05:39pm
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    Category: Geektastic
    Hogan's Heroes The Lost Jello Episode

    Guest starring Carol Channing

  • by Wailord,
    Jun 13 2019 at 04:27am
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    Category: Geektastic

    Dr.T goes on about recouping from absoludicrous situations.
    From Mr.T's Be Somebody or Be Somebodies Fool

  • by Wailord,
    Jun 4 2019 at 05:48am
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    Category: Geektastic
    Spike Feresten's Mission into North Korea "town"

    From Talkshow with Spike Feresten.

  • by piprrr,
    May 27 2019 at 07:20pm
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    Category: My SoulGeek Self
    I Will Go Home to Kintail

    Me playing "I Will Go Home to Kintail" on my shuttle pipes. At 3am. (I was a grad student at the time, and that's normal work hours. Trust me....

  • by Jb,
    May 25 2019 at 07:41am
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    Category: My SoulGeek Self
    kanna sings gucci gang parody

    I hope you guys enjoy I took me 30 or 40 minutes to write the lyrics for this so I worked really on this . I really wanted to do a Kanna video so I...

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