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  • by Wailord,
    Jul 15 2019 at 11:06pm
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    Category: Geektastic
    20190707 Anime Expo 2019 Day4, 55minutes

    Technical difficulties were had. Kinda rectified via post processing with additional electronic stabilization. Original audio is muted to the tune...

  • by justanotherblackman,
    Jul 15 2019 at 11:09am
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    Category: My SoulGeek Self

    I'm looking for miss nerdy right.

  • by DeathByTrope,
    Jul 8 2019 at 07:33pm
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    Monkeys Paw Part 1

    For a while I was thinking about voice acting. This is my sample the first part of the classic tale The Monkeys Paw

  • by DeathByTrope,
    Jul 8 2019 at 07:31pm
    Views: 6
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    Category: Not Really Geeky But Still Cool
    An old Park Ranger Interview

    A educational video from one of my old park ranger jobs. Its about 7 years old

  • by Croine,
    Jul 7 2019 at 06:17pm
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    Category: Geektastic
    Fanarchy Trailer

    A Documentary Feature Film about the evolution of the entertainment industry. The barbarians are at the gate! Fanarchy explores the rise of fan...

  • by Mereoth,
    Jul 7 2019 at 02:09am
    Views: 14
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    No Names Playin Viscera Ep. 3

    There's 16 episodes, not gonna upload em all here, if you wanna see them just search for em on youtube :-)

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