Favorite D&D charcters you've made?

Favorite D&D charcters you've made?


Jan 8 2019 at 06:53pm
What's your favorite character idea you've made? Maybe you've played them, or maybe they're still just an idea.
One of mine was my first character ever: Zadicus Cinch. He was a Dhampyr (Half-Vampire) Fighter who specialized with a glaive. He had a pseudodragon companion named Apophis. Zadicus was a Lawful Neutral character in an otherwise Evil party. Despite having abyssmal social skills, he was always the voice of the party.


Apr 24 2019 at 10:16am
I only played DnD once so I only have one character but she is not my all time favorite but her name is LOL

She is a rock gnome Druid called Cupcake the Killer.


Apr 29 2019 at 04:52pm
I have to say my favorite commission of a character I drew for someone was a Punk-rock Orc Bard with a double bladed guitar-axe.
  Punk Bard.jpg (490.48Kb)