Favorite D&D charcters you've made?

Favorite D&D charcters you've made?


Jan 8 2019 at 06:53pm
What's your favorite character idea you've made? Maybe you've played them, or maybe they're still just an idea.
One of mine was my first character ever: Zadicus Cinch. He was a Dhampyr (Half-Vampire) Fighter who specialized with a glaive. He had a pseudodragon companion named Apophis. Zadicus was a Lawful Neutral character in an otherwise Evil party. Despite having abyssmal social skills, he was always the voice of the party.


Apr 24 2019 at 10:16am
I only played DnD once so I only have one character but she is not my all time favorite but her name is LOL

She is a rock gnome Druid called Cupcake the Killer.


Apr 29 2019 at 04:52pm
I have to say my favorite commission of a character I drew for someone was a Punk-rock Orc Bard with a double bladed guitar-axe.
  Punk Bard.jpg (490.48Kb)


Jun 14 2019 at 02:05am
That's hard, I have two characters in the army of PC's I've made during my 22 years playing D& D that are very close to my heart... and they are complete opposites.

I'll choose Neutral Good Cleric Monk of Illmater named Malikai, who took a Vow of Poverty and refused to kill unless he was fighting the undead. He was a character I designed specifically to be a very honorable and kind-hearted person whose sole purpose was to protect his allies and all living beings at all costs. He was meant to be non-violent but ended up being the most Over Powered character I ever made. But due to his moral and personal limitations, his full potential was never realized except outside of the game where my DM would ask me to just use his full might and put him up against ridiculous odds to see how he'd fair... and It was shocking considering he was never meant to be that powerful. The other was a Lawful Evil Dwarven Battle Sorcerer.
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