Fanfiction writers and readers?

Fanfiction writers and readers?

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Mar 1 2018 at 09:56pm
I guess this is just a place to discuss your fanfiction, or your favorite fics to read. I dabble in both to be honest.


Mar 1 2018 at 11:09pm
Hi!, I read fanfic sometimes and I write a lot as well, if you wanna share some of your writing I'll share with you mine.


Mar 4 2018 at 07:22am
Hello! I also write/read fanfiction. I self-published my fiction on Kindle Worlds as well! I hope to make some new friends on here. :D Let me know if you are curious. I am definitely curious to read both of your works.
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Dec 1 2018 at 12:14am
I have been writing fan fiction for over a decade now. I don't have many completed projects, but I love reading new stuff all the time. My reading these days is nearly just fanfiction, so I have lots of favorites. I have most of my stuff posted to, and plan to post it to archive of our own as well.


Jan 6 2019 at 10:02am
Does role playing count? Heheh... I have a lot of original characters that I write stories about with my best friend. Fanfics though I no longer touch and never will. My eyes were burned out the last time I read a fanfic if ya catch my drift. lol I read Yu-gi-oh! fanfics in my younger days till I found that one...


Mar 6 2019 at 10:40pm
I love writing fan fiction but I have a ways to go as a writer.
I love reading it as well, especially multicross stuff, it's always interesting to see people put into situations completely out of the norm where they have to figure out a new way to solve their problems.