Halling all Business owners and self-employed geeks and nerds

Halling all Business owners and self-employed geeks and nerds


May 24 2017 at 10:10pm
Hello fellow Business owners and self-employed geeks and nerds. I own a repair and retail small business, among others things. Who out here's is self-employed or a business owner, and what do you do. Are you an artist, cafe shop owner, or a big business owner. One thing to know about me, is when i meet new people I like to find out what lead them to work towards turning their dreams into reality.
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May 26 2017 at 06:38pm
Please allow me the opportunity to develop, only if you agree not to remove my links. Thank you very much forum, Good luck
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Oct 1 2018 at 05:51pm
Temporarily flipping houses to build a budget for a rapid proto-typing shop. That's what I truly want is technical challenges.


Oct 9 2018 at 06:18am
I'm a musician and soundtrack artist whose income is supplemented by transcription, audio services, and freelance writing.

That is to say: Most of my money comes from writing and transcription and I occasionally get a royalty check for a cut of the money from the games I've worked on.

(If I may quote the vernacular, "Teehee.")

*Edit: Good lord my grammar.
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Mar 11 2019 at 02:14am
I am a web developer, and most recently finally got to a point that I had to get an LLC (due to revenue/tax stuff), which I am excited about as it represents a milestone/success for me :-). So I am technically a consultant. As for why I do it, it's my passion. Technology is overall. There are more detailed technical reasons why I am in the specific area/specialty I am, but will no get into it as you would definitely need to have programming knowledge, or further, to really understand that. I will say I always preferred to building stuff instead of defending. I got into it though seriously around age 10-13 starting at my public library, and self-taught myself through school, community college etc.