What's your secret obsession?

What's your secret obsession?


Apr 29 2016 at 08:28am
We've all got our geeky little obsessions... mine is making scifi prop replicas. What's yours? Do you have a collection? Do you dress in costume? Do you have a prized lightsaber hilt that you keep under lock and key? What's your secret obsession?

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Jul 22 2016 at 11:39pm
I have quite a few obsessions, but I don't think I can say any of them are secret...LOL...but, I suppose my major one would be my collections. I have a large mix of action figures, dolls, pvc statuettes and more from games, anime, shows. I collect all sorts of things. I've also made a couple of plushies, sculpted a few figures and have attempted a couple of doll repaints... I might try that again someday... let's just say that part of one of those projects involved me learning that Styrofoam makes a bad base for bakeable sculpy....LOL


Aug 2 2016 at 06:14am
My writing I suppose could be... but I think the pictures I make and the fact I'm always watching something science related while I'm working.


Mar 22 2017 at 10:52pm
POP Figures.... I have five but I want more!! Soon I will have all of the ones I want.... I also do a lot of PR writing and that is a huge obsession.


Sep 9 2018 at 09:30pm
i've always had an infatuation for making things functional yet fashionable. i have a russian rifle i've painted and applied vinyl to by hand to make a real vladof from borderlands. i've been interested in martial arts since early adolescence, and always loved the flowery yet functional properties of chinese methods. there is unfortunately a lot of bullshit to wade through with asian martial arts; mostly fakers/ non functional methods of teaching. then again, i've also got an integra i'm trying to fix up and take to the track. anything that can induce a good adrenaline rush with room for my own improvement has always driven me i guess.