The Story of

The founder of is Dino Andrade a fellow Geek and voice-over actor. Andrade's voice can be heard on radio, TV and video games. He has worked on such high profile projects as "World of Warcraft", "Call of Duty" and "Guitar Hero". He has also been the voice of "Pop" of "Snap", "Crackle", & "Pop" for the "Rice Krispies". And most recently he voiced the Scarecrow for "Batman: Arkham Asylum" and The Reaper in "Brutal Legend".

Andrade was married to the late voice actress Mary Kay Bergman who tragically passed away in November of 1999. One of the top five women in animation, Bergman was most famously known for creating and performing all the original female roles on South Park (series and movie). Their 10 year marriage was a geek fairy tale. The two reveled in their love of fandom and works of great imagination, and so with her death, Dino had not only lost his wife, but his best friend.

After years of crushing loneliness, Andrade finally decided to reconnect with the world and began dating. He joined a number of major online dating sites and the experience proved to be a nightmare. This was not because he was a young widower, but because he was a geek. When you're in your 30's and you love comic books and Star Trek, some people just can't see past the stereotypes. Don't feel too bad for Andrade, he found love again just where he least expected it; with his old high school sweetheart who came back into his life by sheer happenstance - and best of all, she was a fan-gal. Dino had once again found his SoulGeek. 

The vision of was discovered while the couple stood in line for a Battlestar Galactica event. A young gal saw Andrade and his new-found love hand-in-hand and remarked in a wistful voice: “I hope I can find a Geek of my own here.” The memories flooded back with those words. He recalled both his horrific experience with loneliness and his searching online in vain for a fan-gal to once again share his life with. Andrade turned to his girlfriend and said that someone should build a dating site just for geeks…something huge, on the same scale of all the big-name sites. To this his gal replied: “Well, why don’t you?” That was all it took and a year later on June 20th, 2007 was launched. 

The famous quote that something good comes from every tragedy really does happen; Andrade built SoulGeek in honor of his late wife. The vision behind is for more than a dating site it’s a Geek’s paradise bringing imagination and the sheer joy of fandom to the “art” of finding a mate. Andrade states, “SoulGeek will come to mean many things to many people, but for me every couple we bring together is a living testament to my late wife’s memory. Together Mary Kay and I loved fandom and out of her tragic loss fan-guys and fan-gals, no different than we were, are finding love. I’d say that’s a pretty good legacy.”



In Loving Memory
June 5, 1961 – November 11, 1999