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A life-long fanatic for all thing sci-fi, horror and fantasy, Dino Andrade (SoulGeek Member: Dino) is a working voice actor, animation voice–over teacher and professional geek matchmaker. Andrade is probably best known as THE SCARECROW from BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM. Dino is also the voice behind PROFESSOR PUTRICIDE, MIMIRON, HIGH TINKERER MEKKATORQUE, THE DEATH KNIGHT GNOMES and more from WORLD OF WARCRAFT!


Additionally, Andrade has lent his voice to such high-profile properties as BRUTAL LEGEND, CALL OF DUTY, GUITAR HERO, POCKET GOD, SAMURAI HEROES, NERF-N-STIKE, SENGOKU BASARA, TALES OF VESPERIA, HELLSING ULTIMATE and GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX. Dino has provided sound-a-likes for both the short-lived CBS series $H*! MY DAD SAYS and ABC’s JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE. Dino has also been heard in both radio and television campaigns for KELLOG’S RICE KRISPIES as the voice of POP of Snap, Crackle and Pop fame!


CLICK HERE to learn why this site was created and what made Dino the “soul” behind SoulGeek.com.


Contact: dino@soulgeek.com






SoulGeek's Editor-in-Chief is Ben Paddon (SoulGeek Member: Deadly Robots), a British-born writer, stand-up comedian and web content creator based out of Los Angeles. Ben is perhaps best known for his retro-video gaming webseries PORTSCENTER and the popular 2009 comedy webseries BOOMER'S DAY OFF. He is a lifelong fan of Doctor Who, Star Trek and Red Dwarf, all of which influenced the creation of his scifi-comedy webcomic, JUMP LEADS.


One of SoulGeek’s original members from 2007, Ben’s knowledge and expertise in both the video game culture and modern geekery has proved invaluable to the future of SoulGeek. Ben has since joined Dino Andrade as one of the site’s major creative “minds” culminating in the successful launch of SoulGeek 2.0. in July of 2013.


Contact: ben@soulgeek.com






Actress/costumer, Heather C. Harris (SoulGeek member: HeatherCHarris) was born and raised in the Bronx, NY where she first drew artistic inspiration from her love of comics. After high school she began her career as an apprentice for a SFX artist and her passion for costuming and conventions grew from there.  It was at San Diego Comic-con 2007 where Heather first met Dino Andrade who was then premiering SoulGeek.com at the convention. They have been friends ever since.  Heather also become familiar to Star Trek fans for her cameo role as LADY V (aka COMMANDER STOVEK) in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.  Most recently, as part of the launch of SoulGeek's YouTube channel SOULGEEKTV, Heather joined the cast of the weekly webseries THE MUSES alongside Helen Gulish and Ruby Coleman, giving geek dating advice from a geek chick's perspective.


Through her position as “SoulGeek Creative Advisor” Heather has provided a much-needed “geek-girl’s” perspective to the site.  As well, she has assisted with first-hand insights into the social/community side of cosplay and conventions. Through her efforts, Heather has joined Ben Paddon and Dino Andrade to become the true “heart” of the “heart”, “mind” and “soul” of SoulGeek.com.


Contact: heather@soulgeek.com



…and the rest of the gang!






By day, Helen Gulish (SoulGeek Member: agent00negative) is a simple office monkey, but by night, she is a screenwriter/producer. She originally volunteered at SoulGeek as an assistant, but because of her love of all things geeky, as well as being a student of observation and puzzle solving, Helen soon joined the SoulGeek Team as the resident Geek Dating Guru. This role was expanded with the launch of the weekly geek dating advice webseries THE MUSES which she developed and co-created with Dino Andrade.  Alongside co-hosts Heather C. Harris and Ruby Coleman, Helen serves as both series producer and lead Host.


Want to know how to start a conversation? Need help setting up a first date? Or maybe even what to wear? If you have a question, just... ASK HELEN!


Contact: askhelen@soulgeek.com






SoulGeek's Cheif Moderator/PR Monkey is Spencer Cotter (Spen'Thulhu) (SoulGeek member: S.A.M. Hitch), a writer/critic, who likes all things New Orleans and Voodoo. Spencer writes on the humor of stupidity at NO UPDATE while working on various detective novels. You can find Spencer's Theatre reviews, odd brand of humor and occasional fictionalization of his D&D sessions on his blog THE_DETECTIVE. He loves all geek miscellany, with a special place for Film Noir/Pulp Serials, things dark and twisty, Urban Fantasy, or High Fantasy.


Like Ben Paddon, Spencer started out as one of SoulGeek’s first members when the site originally launched back in 2007. He soon after volunteered as a forum moderator and now years later Spencer is not only in charge of all moderators he’s become our top Social Media PR Monkey.


Contact: spencer@soulgeek.com






Ursula (SoulGeek member: Empress) was born in Vienna, Austria and although she's lived in Los Angeles since 1988 she still misses seasons (especially thunderstorms), coffee houses and beer gardens. When not herding geeks, she can be found with her nose in a book. She seriously loves dragons, always has a hankering for sushi and can curse like a sailor. And let’s not forget – proud godmother to Connor, Dino’s son.


Our “Empress” Ursula is one of the founding members of SoulGeek.com and has been at her post since its inception.... and YES she still gets choked up every time we get a new testimonial from our members (so keep'em comin'!).


There isn’t a single member of the SoulGeek family who doesn’t acknowledge the fact that this little corner of geek heaven that we call SoulGeek would be lost without her. We all love, respect and bow to her greatness… or else.


Contact: ursula@soulgeek.com