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DatingAdvice.com: A Dating Site for “Geeks” — SoulGeek Helps Fans Find Fellowship and Love


The Short Version: Lovers of fandoms, fantasies, sci-fi, and other imaginative works will geek out over SoulGeek — a dating site made to match up fan girls and fan guys who are looking for fulfilling relationships. On this site, geeks revel in their quirky passions in a safe and judgment-free space. Forums, chat rooms, and blogs encourage a community feeling, so singles need not dive into private messaging right away. This “cyber-home of geek dating” was created in memory of Mary Kay Bergman, a voice actress and late wife of Founder Dino Andrade. To celebrate her rich life and their geeky love, he built SoulGeek as a bat signal calling together singles who have a weakness for romance and a superhuman sense of fun.


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Super Geek Valentine's Presents


Just some of the Comments left on G4's site...

Posted by Empathiccelt - Wednesday, February 11, 2009 10:21 AM
I just wanted to say its fantastic to see SoulGeek.com mentioned on G4!! I met the love of my life, my true soul geek, on SoulGeek.com back in 2008 and we have never been happier! This site works so definitely give it a try! Happy V-Day all you geeks out there!

Posted by randomscraps - Wednesday, February 11, 2009 10:24 AM
As someone who did find a geek of her own at Soulgeek.com I can attest to the great atmosphere over there. We met in the chatroom during the early months of Soulgeek.com and have been together over a year now. Even though we're in the same town, now (started out long distance--4 states away!), we're still members of the site and still hang out in the chatroom several evenings a week.

Posted by DiceWench - Wednesday, February 11, 2009 4:00 PM
I found the love of my life, and future husband, on SoulGeek as well. Yay! :)

Posted by Vand - Friday, February 13, 2009 1:03 PM
After my divorce I tried a couple of other online dating services, but SoulGeek was the only one where I found others even remotely compatible. Made many friends and found the love of my life there. Highly recommended for fans of all things geeky.

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Geeks Gettin’ Lucky? SoulGeek: A Dating Site For Geek Girls & Guys
Posted by TechGOnzo February 13th, 2009 at 12:19 pm

Valentine’s Day as a geek can typically be described in one of the following ways: 1) A second Christmas in which both people get a present that can only be found inside the pages of a Previews catalog or 2) A somewhat to extremely lonely night of rereading Twilight* for the umpteenth time.

SoulGeek aims to eliminate fanboy (or fangirl) loneliness by offering a dating site specifically tailored for geeks, according to founder Dino Andrade, who started the network after discovering how difficult it was to meet people in his own experiences.

As a seasoned voice actor of many cartoons and video games, it was only natural that Andrade would fall in love with Mary Kay Bergman, famously known for creating and performing all the original female roles on South Park (including the Blame Canada song!!). When she tragically passed away in November of 1999, the two had been married for over a decade.

It took years to recover from the loss, but eventually he decided to get back on the saddle, according to Andrade, who said the most difficult part about it was being a geek.

“When you’re in your 30s and you tell people you read Batman and watched Star Wars 25 times in the theater, it makes it impossible to connect with anyone,” Andrade said. “You would have thought that being a widower would have been a bigger hurdle to jump. Not the case.”

Now in his 40s, Andrade found love again with his old high school sweetheart — who’s also a fangal. However, he never forgot the difficulty of weeding out the majority of the population to find a geeky soul mate and so he started SoulGeek.com in 2007 with the money left to him by his late wife.

“My dream is to have the children of a happy SoulGeek couple be watching cartoons made by Mary Kay, and then have them know that she is the reason their parents are together,” he said.

The site currently boasts 15,000 users from across the world with another 1,000 added each month. Free accounts let you see who else is in the area and find out about those folks in very match.com-like profile summaries, which are more akin to LiveJournal with links to fan-fiction, convention photos, and rationale for why you are a particular kind of geek. They’ll make their first public appearance at WonderCon 2009, with meet-ups to follow at future conventions, most notably, Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia.

Source: http://geeksofdoom.com/2009/02/13/geeks-gettin-lucky-soulgeek-a-dating-site-for-geek-girls-guys/


Fall in love in February Episode IV
February 13, 11:03 PM
by Mari Kurisato, Denver Internet Examiner

Unconventional und Uber?

Lots of people know what today is. Some love it, some can't stand that day, while others wish they could celebrate it but just aren't having any luck. Fully aware of many of my friends' single status, I decided to see if I could leverage the power the of the internet to find love—or if not love, at least an interesting romantic partner. I picked six major and not so major dating websites, as well as checked out a few local companies who specialize in helping you find the One. Or at least, someone worth your time.

You might recall that in an earlier column Greg commented that he had a very bad experience with Match.com because of deceptive information presentation that ended up costing him more money than he wanted to spend. Today being Valentine's day I'd like to focus on a site that has in my experience treated me fairly and honestly, and gave me greater freedom as a Free member than any other sites mention so far. It might not be to your liking though, because it tends to focus on a niche culture:

Soulgeek.com, a less known dating site is for the comic book reader, the Star Trek fan, the guy at work with the shirt that says “There are 10 types of people in the world...” the computer nerd, and just the average gal who likes being into video games. You know, the people who actually built the internet. (I kid.) But you'll also find a lot of non-geeks on the site as well, despite its less than sleek interface.

You can sign up as a free member for life, or pay about $10.00 a month for “Uber” status with all the bells and whistles, though the free membership has quite a few perks on its own. (And Greg, I tested the $10 a month thing, no hidden fees, there.) One of the neat free perks is that unlike other websites where you can only respond to others with “Winks” or “nudges” Soulgeek allows you to send real emails to a paying member if they've emailed you first. So while you can only use a “hail” (simply a message like “Hey, I think you're interesting”) to initiate contact as a free member, if you write a thorough and honest enough profile to capture the attention of a paying member you can correspond back and forth,

DK, a friend of mine who I met through the site sums up my feelings about the site the best:

“There were a ton of interesting people on the site. Finding a profile I was interested in was QUITE rare on normal dating sites for me, but I found quite a few interesting people on Soulgeek. Having geek oriented profiles was a really nice feature, and the ability to share artwork was cool. Plus it was quite cheap compared to normal sites”

My friend touches on a couple of points that I'd like to expand on. Where else can you upload artwork you've created, or read exclusive webcomics? Soulgeek is more than just a dating site. Yes it has an awkward interface and occasional bug errors. But despite that, or maybe because of it, Soulgeek tends to create a sense of community, with news about the gaming, anime and sci-fi industries that make it feel less like a commercial endeavor and more like a fan driven website. There are even options to sign up as a non dating member just to hang out and chill. You can do same sex searches or just platonic matches as well. So if you're feeling adventurous, give it a try.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-3569-Denver-Internet-Examiner~y2009m2d13-Fall-in-love-in-February-Episode-IV