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Did that get your attention? maybe?....lol anywho, I guess this'll be my first blog post *thumbs up* I'll mainly write what I can about what I do in my day....but 5 days out of the week I'm working at a job I don't like, with people I can't stand, yayyyy adult life!


Since I only got 1 day off this week, I'm using today to catch up on some painting projects; one's personal, and another one is a Christmas gift for my little sister *hey, you gotta start early*. I'm actually not a painter...go figure; I mainly like to draw on pencil and paper, but painting I'm still getting used to. Attacked my laundry and got it down, finally! dinner is simple, eat whenever and.....yep. Oh, I also need to paint my little sisters hat for her costume *Purple Guy from Five Nights at Freddys*, but we've had our garage door open all day, allowing asshole wasps with those really long legs to attack everyone who dares enter *including my older sister, she got bit* D: so I shall try tonight.


Annnnnd that sums up my day; if I can get atleast one of these projects done, I'll be happy @_@ lol


have a good night...day...something!

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