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Short story that I enjoyed writting :)

~~The dual entities of Romance and Passion talking.

Looking at them two young women, slim, slender and in draping shoulder dresses almost like a toga, the fabric is transparent. No not the dress both of them fade from view, then reenter the seen. At this point you notice you can see their feet the two young women’s form fade near were their waist or beltline, and they shimmer.


R saids ”Do you think this will work?”


P replies “I hate to be the voice doubt” at this P arranges a look on her face with a pouty mouth and eyes rolling up to the left


at this R giggles


then P continues ” but “


then in unison the both Yell “ chicken butt, Jinx.”


“Ok ok, I just want to interject that it took how many weeks of our influence for him talk to the waitress the one time?” at this P tilts her head and places her hand no her hips that are now visible, you can see always the way down to her ankles, still no feet.


R slumps her shoulders looking down” Yes, yes. He pretty much knew she was attached. I will raise the subject of the young woman at the store that was easy enough. He asked about her ring promise or protection. That was pretty sly.” P takes a pose standing sideways her head tilted to the left with a open smiling mouth and hops to a sideways stance with her index finger pointed up.



Now you notice a back ground the two women are standing the a gas station parking lot.


P exclaims ”Here he comes are you ready R?”


“Yes yes, I am” replys R nodding her head with a look of eager excitement, her body almost shaking with energy. Reminding you of a happy puppy.


The gas station had the standard 4 dual pumps, pulling around from the background is a red truck with a male driver with lightly tanned skin and black hair maybe he is Hispanic driving towards first exit nearest the corner. A vehicle pulls in front of him blocking him from exiting fully.


R pumps her fist into the air “ not so fast buddy”


P says” nicely done, hold him and I force him back”


The drive turn and looks at an oncoming car then looks at sign over the lane he is blocking it reads” turn only”. Placing his truck into reverse, he back his truck up smiling. The driver smiles and waves to him a silent thank you on her lips. He turns his truck to the left and pulls forward to use the second exit to access the road.


Movement attracts his attention a woman leaves her car walking from the pump to the store. She has short black hair with lighten streaks of brown and darker blond that show well in the nature sunlight, her skin matches his. A leather jacket and dark long skirt hide the top of her boot which are laces in the front. Professional clothes, work in an office? Manages a gallery? She walk with the purpose to pay in side.


R asks” did you jinx the card readers?”


P answers” yes, before he use the pump to slow him leaving. Everything is so hard to time. Him stopping to get gas, Her after she finished she errand .”


R smiles “ well timed.”


P “ we do what we can. Ok here I go I’ll get him to look, get her to slow for a second.”


R with a confused look” how?”


P “pull her boot down a bit that will slow her, to stop and fix it from bothering her”


Both of them fade then reappearing R pulling down at one of the woman’s boots sliding it to her calf, the woman stops bends over to pull her boot up.


P whispers” look left for cars on coming” the man looks left as instructed and see the woman bent down fixing her boot, he turns back to the oncoming traffic on the road shaking his head. P whispers again “ Who was that? Do you know her? Does she work in the building?” the man looks again and thinks “do I know her?”.


He pulls on to the road the young woman again appear on the lot together


P “ darn it, so close.”


R checking list on a clipboard that has appeared in her hand from no wear and reads” He recognized her or thought he did. Dana his friend from childhood.” Checks “ From 4th grade that sat next to him and was his first female friend/crush” Places a check mark on the clipboard.


P watches the truck pull out into the road “ Almost , so close” she frustratly stamps her now visible foot slender ankle ending in a dainty and brightly colored running shoe complete with blinking lights.


R replies “ I know” then looks at P’s feet and notices the blinking shoes and stifles a giggle.


P watching the truck pass thru the intersection and  P now whispers loudly thru clenched teeth “ what’s that sound? A rock in your tire?” the male driver turns off the road once he pass thru it and gets out of his truck. P appears next to him and whispers “ Dana”. He  looks back at the gas station.


We now know her name. Dana exit walks back to her car. P appears next to her in the passenger seat whispering “wait” and this Dana hold her key to the car out and is about insert them into the ignition R leans thru the window knocking Dana’s car keys from her hand down to the floorboard. Both P and R lookout across the street.


The man is gone, his truck sits empty.


R and P reappear outside of the car looking across the street then turn  and look at one another, you can also see their thoughts “ where is he?”


Dana has reclaimed her key starting her car leave the gas station.


The man stands holding a rock from his tired and look back across the street once more, but Dana has left. He shakes his head, get back into his truck and drives off.


R holding a clipboard again  shakes her head frowning, P reaches for the clipboard and frowns also. Then says “ 2 more year for the next chance at a meeting, humph.”


R saids ” Yep, it will past fast it always does..Like the sands in the hour glass so are the days of our lifes” with a giggle she smiles


P looks at R and saids” Nice job with the keys I can’t touch anyone.” Smiling.


R replies “ you know the rules”


Together they  stand up straight at attention in a stern voice recite “ humans can’t be touched by Passion neither hear Romance.” They shake their heads and begin to fade as they do you can clearly hear R say with a smile” I love your shoes”.


The end

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