Tempest_Lavalle: I am Tempest! Hear me squeal!

Fan-Gal, 30, La Porte, Texas, United States.


  • Sep 9 2007 at 11:32am
    *sigh* I really didn't think it would happen, but it did. I have fallen HARD and FAST for a fellow ...
  • Aug 29 2007 at 09:27pm
    This strip made my day. http://www.wastedtalent.ca/index.php?view=1
  • Aug 27 2007 at 10:10pm
    I saw one of THE most ridiculous things today. I was walking around campus, setting up posters for ...
  • Aug 27 2007 at 05:44am
    Yep, my computer? She EXPLODED! WAAAAh!! Well, not so much exploded as in just stopped booting up...
  • Aug 15 2007 at 10:13pm
    Yes! Here I am! Not sure exactly what to say here, since I just started, but yeah. I'm here! WOO...

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