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  • Jan 9 2017 at 10:55am
    I still find myself singing the theme tune to Digimon (the first and greatest series) at regular intervals in work.
  • Jan 3 2017 at 04:36pm
    Amazing. Seriously I was massively impressed. Going to see it a third time tomorrow!

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  • Jan 9 2017 at 03:31pm
    KOTOR is a gold mine and would be foolish of them to ignore such things, could even make a fantastic television series and there isn't many sith lords that could possibly rival Revan and Malik. Maybe they should do a buddy-cop style about those two doing sithy things together. The possibilities are endless.
    Oh god, I try my hardest to steer clear of the Pop Vinyl figures, my wallet cries uncontrollably whenever I see one on amazon, gotta be honest though, the Krennic and Donnie Yen figures are circling my amazon basket as I type this so wish me luck.
  • Jan 5 2017 at 01:16pm
    I agree with you on Rogue One, it was a fantastic film, I'm so glad that they are doing these spin off movies, now I just need them to come out and tell me that Knights of the Old Republic is definitely canon and they are sorry for worrying me for so long and they won't do it again.