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  • Mar 9 2015 at 04:57pm
    So yeah, don't try that.
    Not even with a wolf raised in captivity, and especially not one from the wild like him.
  • Mar 9 2015 at 04:57pm
    Seriously people, don't try that kind of thing, a wolf is not a dog. Occasionally people forget that and end up mauled or dead. That situation was a fairly unique one, I feel lucky to have been accepted while I was there, it was certainly an experience I will always remember, but I was still cautious when around him, and none of the others in those enclosures were anything close to as friendly as he was with me. When it comes to dealing with actual wild animals, 99% of the time it will end badly if you don't respect the threat they pose, especially when being held in captivity. Hell if I had stuck around he might have turned on me like he did some of the other staff at some point. Just because the big crazy bearded guy managed to luck into making friends really shouldn't encourage the other staff to waltz in to that enclosure and forget all the rules printed on the signs all over the sanctuary!
  • Mar 9 2015 at 04:57pm
    that is me playing with a full grown wolf like he was a puppy (specifically he was a North American Gray wolf.), I miss him, but that sanctuary was up where I lived before moving down to Riverside county, I doubt he remained there long since he seemed to have a history of being quite vicious with other humans. People really shouldn't assume a wild animal is anything like a domesticated breed just because they bear a common ancestor and physical similarities. He was a wild animal who was captured and brought to a sanctuary because he had been repeatedly caught hunting or foraging in suburban areas.

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