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Fan-Gal, 21, Frederick, Maryland, United States.

I'm super hesitant about online dating, but after much convincing have decided to give it a try. I am far more into sci-fi and fantasy (and some anime) than most other parts of geek culture, but am also willing to try out new parts of it. As much as I love staying at home, I do enjoy the occasional adventure.


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Fan-Guy, 33, Irvine, California, United States.

Really really nerdy. Way nerdier than that.


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Fan-Guy, 28, Reading, Pennsylvania, United States.

Hi, my name is Bryant. I work full time as a Center store Manager at a grocery store. I'm a bit of a Geek when it comes too all things comic book, and video game related. I enjoys days relaxing in and binge watching shows on Netflix, however I do love going on adventurers when the opportunity arises. I enjoy going out with friends in my free time, and seeing as many concerts as I possibly can. I'm a big music person. Who doesn't love a good live show? Aside from all that I'm an pretty easy going guy that is looking for the love of his life. My friends best describe me as compassionate, big hearted, trustworthy, and honest. I'm the kind of guy everyone comes to for advice.


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Fan-Guy, 30, Kissimmee, Florida, United States.

I'm more open to the idea of dating than actually looking to date. Really just looking to make friends. That being said I'm an open minded individual that likes learning about other people's passions and hobbies. I love music and I have a very eclectic taste in it, please recommend things for me to listen to. I love discovering new things especially music.


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Fan-Gal, 23, Eugene, Oregon, United States.

Too lazy to go out and too socially awkward to actually talk to someone/make the first move.


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Fan-Guy, 34, Hesperia, California, United States.

Hate writing these I like to talk to get to know one another


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Fan-Guy, 30, White Plains, Maryland, United States.

I would best describe myself as an adventurer/nerd looking to have more fun in my life.

The nerd part of me enjoys videogames, particularly RPGs, FPS, and strategy. I have a particular affinity for writing and online roleplaying; crafting universes with someone else's imagination is just plain fun to me. When I'm not being a nerd my more adventurous self enjoys doing and trying new things that are fun and interesting, either with myself or a small group of friends. I particularly enjoy running 5Ks, LARPing and playing paintball. I am also a bit of a metalhead and enjoy going to concerts. South Park and Robot Chicken would most accurately describe the kind of comedy I am into. Hmm... what else would you like to know about me? Ask the question!


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Fan-Guy, 34, Pasadena, California, United States.

Mt two bigest franches i liver are gostbusters ad tranfomers. but that just the top of my list

I live siance fition, fatisy and comidys and just about anything with a jiant robot in it.


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Fan-Guy, 28, Cottage Grove, Minnesota, United States.

Working too much to meet anybody and everyone at work isn't strange like me, so I'm trying a new avenue and seeing what happens. I'm always reading at least 2 books at a time, watch at least 3 new movies a week, listen to a host of music and always am ready and willing to be introduced to new things in those categories. I'm not the outdoor type, but I'm certainly up for trying new things if there's someone to try them with me.


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Fan-Guy, 34, Los Angeles, California, United States.

I'm weird but cool at the same time. I'm different and I've come to accept that , and i use it to make me better


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Fan-Guy, 21, München, Bayern, Germany.
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I'm half german half tunisian guy I love to cook, playing guitar,games, drowing, fitness going out with friends adventuring and I like listening to good music


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Fan-Guy, 38, Aurora, Illinois, United States.
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I'm recently divorced, and I'm trying to meet new people. I love hard sci-fi novels, comics (mostly indie stuff and manga), anime, movies (especially action, horror, foreign films, and martial arts), video games (I tend to stick to indie PC games these days; I'm a few generations behind on console gaming), and wrestling. I keep up with plenty of genre TV shows, including Stranger Things, Legion, Game of Thrones (I'm a season or so behind, since I don't subscribe to HBO), Doctor Who, Marvel's Netflix series, and probably a few others I'm forgetting at the moment. I enjoy board games, although I'm not as fanatical about them as some people I know. I've got three awesome kids, and I love sharing my interests with them, which means we're always excited about the next Star Wars movie that's coming out!


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Fan-Gal, 27, Anderson, Indiana, United States.
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Just a shy nerd whose too lazy to fill this out yet, stay tuned!


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Fan-Gal, 24, Athens, Pennsylvania, United States.
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*If you're only looking for FWB/NSA, please don't message me.*

Tbh looking for a person to dress up and go to Ren Faires with.
Or watch Cowboy Bebop and eat pizza.
Or go on adventures.

Mixed - hapa.
Chubby but working on it.
24 & sleepy.
One tattoo. Seven piercings - three sets of two and a single.
Sometimes I draw. Sometimes I paint. Other times I sculpt or sew.
Games are pretty neat.

**You may know me from FL. Same username, but just message me on there instead.**


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Fan-Guy, 22, Rochester, New York, United States.
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Just looking for someone to enjoy all they geeky stuff I enjoy the biggest is video games