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Fan-Guy, 25, Rochester, New York, United States.

I read science fiction and fantasy, play hack and slash, prefer the wars over star trek, but enjoy both. Middle Earth would be a fun vacation spot.


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Fan-Guy, 52, Ridgewood, New York, United States.

Hi I'm Gary. I live in Glendale Queens, New York.

I'm a big fan of The Beatles, Oldies (1950's - 1980's), Classic Country, Classic Rock and Heavy Metal music.

I also like The Exorcist, Phantasm, Evil Dead 1 & 2 and other Supernatural/Occult Horror movies.

And lastly TV Game Shows on my Nintendo DS and Rock music trivia apps on my Android smartphone.

P.S. I like to Snuggle/Cuddle/Spoon.


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Fan-Guy, 36, Candler, North Carolina, United States.

This is always a tough one for me. I am a hermit and introvert at heart, but really enjoy talking about things with like-minded individuals. I love anime, computers (building especially), video games, table top games, board games, reading, music, movies... rather a lot, and all of it geek related. ^~_~^


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Fan-Gal, 32, San Antonio, Texas, United States.

I’m searching for my life long partner to share a Great Life if Love with; romance, long slow kisses, feeling very special, intimacy,spirituality, pleasurable communication, dancing, meeting of the minds, opening a door for you, flowers, traveling and other exciting interests and adventures, A GREAT LIFE of LOVE! I am one who strongly believes in respect and that without respect, you can’t experience true love and generate a healthy relationship. I believe in a smaller “wow” when it is first a friendship and then a larger “Wow” later as it evolves into a Beautiful Loving committed relationship. I believe it’s not just what you are like on the outside, but more about what you are like on the inside.


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Fan-Guy, 25, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway.

I'm a person who lives and breathes for personal relationships, nothing brings me more joy than to make the people around me feel good and like they're valued. I'm like this with most everyone that hasn't given me any reason not to, and therefore I'm especially interested in a meaningful, intimate, affectionate, and - ideally - long-term relationship; to be with someone I can share life with. Though I'm quite an emotionally charged and empathetic individual, I also highly value rationality, dialogue and co-operation.

Obviously, I firmly identify as a geek (I have also been correctly identified as a dork on frequent occasion) - I adore fiction, both just the recreational enjoyment of it as well as analyzing it. My interests include (primarily) gaming, movies, text-based role-playing, drawing and various forms of art. I'm easily sustained by small pleasures, and for me it's not so much about what I'm doing as opposed to who I'm doing it with - be it inside of the home or outside of it.


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Fan-Guy, 52, Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

I am a long time geek guy, with two grown geek kids. I've been with a non-geek woman for too long and it's time to have fun with someone who shares my interests and activities. I like comics and movies and conventions and various fun places, and would like to find more.


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Fan-Guy, 29, Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada.

Most days I enjoy going to the gym and relaxing. Weekends I like to hang out with friends and family.

I enjoy hiking, camping, watching my favorite shows and going to the gym. I have 5 tattoos. I plan to cover up my large sleeve (I was young and stupid haha). I'm the father to a wonderful 4 year old girl and she is my world :)


7 hour(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 19, Reischach, Bayern, Germany.

I'm just one person, who likes stuff like playing videogames, reading mangas and writing stories. Since i was six years old, i started to play my first videogame and my first console was the ps1. Now i'm more of the PC type. I'm shy if i met new people, but if i became closer to them, i'm a non-stop talking person. I'm from germany, so my english accent isn't that great.


4 hour(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 30, Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

Im just a normal guy. Im technical oriented and i love playing online games. In my spare time i like to do some fitness. Also im interested hunting, prepping and living off the grid.


8 hour(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 37, New York, New York, United States.

I love my job.
Willing to Lie About Where We Met
I like ice skating and finding a great deal.
Honesty,are traits I look for in my friends and partners.


11 hour(s) ago
Fan-Gal, 24, Waldorf, Maryland, United States.

hi! I'm miracle, I love God, doctor who and books. I enjoy playing the sims and Pokemon go. I'm a huge goof ball but can be really shy when I first me someone. I guess anything else you want to know you have to ask.


13 hour(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 21, Townsend, Montana, United States.

Video games, anime (currently watching all of Dragonball over again), and when I get the urge I like to enjoy the outdoors. Not good at putting myself out there but I figured I'll give it a serious shot and see what comes out of this.


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Fan-Guy, 24, Gardena, California, United States.

Just a nerd lookin for a 2nd player


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Fan-Guy, 21, Fairfax, Virginia, United States.

Im disabled I was born with a physical birth defect called spina bifida I'm paralyzed from the knees down I love star wars AND cosplay my favorite series is Harry potter I want to be a costume designer for movies HUFFLEPUFF AND PROUD
I LOVE BATMAN DISNEY FAN FREAK I own all the movies made by Disney the popular ones the classics and the obscure ones not many people know about both on VHS AND DVD


16 hour(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 25, San Fernando, California, United States.

I'm a high school English teacher who loves his job immensely.

My hobbies include reading novels, biking, finding new craft beer to try, playing video games, playing table top games, And exploring the valley.

I'm DM a weekly game Wednesdays for D&D 5e, and am relatively new to the game (been playing 3 years)

I went to school in Upstate New York but I'm originally from the SFV. I moved back to Cali because I love the atmosphere and weather so much.

I love my family above all else, and would do anything for them.

5'7" for those wondering.