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mc chris - Fett's Vette

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  • Oct 6 2017 at 11:12pm
    lyrics by c.ward
    music by j.fewell
    cruisin mos espa in my delorian
    war's over I'm a peacetime madalorian
    my story has stumped star wars historians
    deep in debate buffet plate at bennigans
    rhyme renegade sure to penetrate
    first and second defense I won't hesitate
    got a job to do darth's the guy that delegates
    got something against skywalker someone he really hates
    I don't give a fuck I'm after solo
    For all I care he could be hiding at yoda's dojo
    Got make the money credit's no good
    When the jawas run the shop in your neighborhood
    Think you can cook I got a grappling hook
    Let's make this quick cuz I'm really booked
    I'm a devious degenerate, defender of the devil
    Shut down all the trash compactor's on the detention level
    My backpack's got jets
    I'm boba the fett
    I bounty hunt for jaba hut
    To finance my vette
    I chill in deep space
    A mask is over my face
    I deliver the prize but I still narrow my eyes
    Cuz my time I don't like to waste.
    Get down
  • Oct 6 2017 at 11:12pm

    I'm a question wrapped inside an enigma
    Get inside the slave one find your homing signal
    From endor to hoth, ripley to spock
    I'll find what you want, but there's gonna be a cost
    Say my name is boba fett I know my shit is tight
    Start not acting in right, you're frozen in carbonite
    Got telescopic sight, flame throwers on my wrist
    You still don't get the jist, spiked boots are made to kick
    Targets are made to hit, you think I give a shit
    Yer mama is a bitch, I see you in the sarlaac pit
    You just flipped my switch integrity been dissed
    You scratchin on my itch you know I shoot the gift
  • Oct 6 2017 at 11:11pm

    Got bambinas at cantinas waitin to lick my lusty lips
    So I'll let you get back inside you're little space ship
    Give you a head start, cuz I'm the sportin kind
    Consider the starting line the sneaky smile I hide inside
    Hope you have hyper drive, pray to stay alive
    Don't try to slip me a five cuz I never take a bribe
    To the beat of a different drummer, bad ass bounty hunter
    Let no man put asunder or else they be put under
    As in six feet, got an imperial fleet
    Backin me up gonna blow up any attempt to defeat
    They gotta death star, got four payments on my car
    Hand it over to hammer head at mos eisley bar
    He used to carjack, now he's a barback
    Just goes to show how you can get back on the right track
    As for me that's not an option can't say that with more clarity
    Me going legit would be like jar jar in speech therapy


by _Aja_
Oct 6 2017 at 11:08pm
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