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Fan-Gal, 29, Sherman Oaks, California, United States.
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Hi there! I'm Tayler. Single and looking for Player 2. I'm artsy-fartsy and do not speak sports whatsoever, but I'll tag along if drinks are is involved. I like going out on the town as much as staying in. That being said, I'm not much of a planner.

I will value a sense of humor over perfect looks any day of the week. I like the family types - I'm really not interested in guys who are into strip clubs/bachelor party lifestyles. If you have an excellent command of language, I'll like you. If you use mature vocabulary to make immature jokes, I'll love you. I have the best pun ever written in my brain arsenal and I AM willing to make a bet on it.


20 hour(s) ago
Fan-Gal, 24, Findlay, Ohio, United States.
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I'm actually pretty shy at first, but warm up once I get comfortable. I love to make and draw my own anime characters. I have a passion for games and am currently looking at schools. So I like a variety of games and anime ranging from Sailor Moon (first anime btw) all the way to Dead Space or Resident Evil. So basically...I'll wear black leather with pink frills, kick some zombie ass, then bake a cake. ^_^ Oh right...and I love the ocean and marine life but I am absolutely obsessed with space.


4 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 31, Hopkins, Minnesota, United States.
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I always smile and nod when I pass my co-workers in the hallway, but then I sit at my desk and curse my computer for being too slow. Maybe I should smile at my computer more and curse my co-workers; might be more productive.

I spend my days staying active when I can like flag football at Todd Park, though, it's all fun and games until someone gets clotheslined. I spend my nights quietly cuddled on my couch with a fine, red wine, watching comedies like Bob's Burgers. What can I say, I know fancy.


4 day(s) ago
Fan-Gal, 32, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States.
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I am a sarcastic girl who is not afraid to speak her mind. I like to spend my time playing board games and video games, attending cons, admiring my X-men collection, collecting art. I love X-men, Ghostbusters, Aliens, Disney, Sailor Moon, Nintendo, 90s cartoons, and anything 80s! I have a cat, a guinea pig, and some fish straight from Ariel's grotto.


14 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 26, Phenix City, Alabama, United States.
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I like to hang with friends, watch anime, and play video games. I am usually up to anything as long as it doesn't involve roller coasters. I love drawing, so if you have a request let me know. I am a apprentice tech who works on electrical, plumbing and air. I am hoping to become an electrician in the future. If you want to know anything else just ask!


22 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 32, Van Nuys, California, United States.
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I count myself good at a lot of things: teaching math, playing video games, answering geek trivia, cooking [when I can make myself do it], singing karaoke, growing a beard, etc. Sadly, meeting women is not one of those things, so here I am. I'm a good guy desperately avoiding becoming a "nice" guy who's looking for a good woman to date and, hopefully, settle down with. I live in the valley and work as a math teacher up in Palmdale. My hobbies include Dungeons and Dragons, mocking bad movies MST3K style, streaming video games [find me here:****] and eating all of the good food Ventura Blvd has to offer. If that sounds like your ideal man, hit me up and lets go out for some tea or drinks :D