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Fan-Guy, 29, Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
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I am a giant nerd, especially with gaming. I love any type of RPG with a good story, or any multiplayer game with friends. My interests range anywhere from watching anime, to buying cruise tickets and venturing the Caribbean (I love travelling). I absolutely love board games, and am always down for some DnD. I go to conventions and cosplay whenever I can afford it. Pokemon and MtG are a few of my favorite things.

I graduated from ASU in Aerospace Engineering, but ended up getting a job in Programming for a Tech company called Cognizant Technology. Furthermore, a few college friends and I just opened up our own startup video game company, although everything is still super early in development and will not be completed for a few years, so I work as a Programmer there as well. We are looking for artists, so if you can draw, hit me up!


8 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 39, Zeewolde, Flevoland, Netherlands.
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So basically I keep searching on a weekly basis for new scifi series and movies to see (and some fantasy and games too). Wanting more though - like conventions anywhere in the world or festivals or something. I regularly play board games and RPGs too. Musically I favor metal but enjoy a lot. Blind Guardian, Nightwish, the Rasmus, Linkin Park, Pink, The Prodigy and Queen are some of my favorites.


10 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 24, Aurora, Colorado, United States.
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I eat my French fries with mayo and sometimes don't wear the WiiRemote wrist strap, so I guess you could say I'm a bit of a gangsta.

When you're the only black nerd among your friends, you get to be the Tolkien Black Guy. And yes, I'm totally safe to bring home to you parents.

I'm a nerd. A black nerd. Yes, we exist. I love everything from anime/manga, to video games, to sci-fi and cosplay. If you don't like nerds, or you're not a nerd yourself, then I am not the droid you're looking for.

I really love déjà vu moments.

I'm single, but not "posts Taylor Swift lyrics on Facebook" single.

I swing dance, because all black guys can dance.

I really love déjà vu moments.

Online dating makes things too easy. I miss the good old days when it took five years and a marriage before you realised you're not compatible with someone.

By day I'm a mild-mannered, unassuming, tech support agent at Comcast. By night I'm one of those weirdos that put words on paper and hope people will read them.

In my free time, I'm writing several TV show scripts and laying the groundwork to be a content creator. My goal is to write and direct for film and television full time. Yes its a feast or famine job. If you're not okay with this, then I'm not the droid you're looking for.

I'm really good at procrastinating. I suffer from premature procrastination. That's where you procrastinate before ever receiving a task.

Being politically incorrect, because watching people foam at the mouth with pure rage makes me giggle like a pointy bearded super-villain.

I'm a straight up bibliophile. I'll read any and everything. I'm currently reading "The Man with the Golden Torc", "SpiderGwen", and "The Throne of Glass"

So if you can't tell by now, the Tolkien Black Guy is a nerd, so, anything from anime, to sci-fi movies and martial arts movies I'm down to watch!

My Spotify is a Las Vegas style buffet of music! I love all genres!


26 day(s) ago
Fan-Gal, 35, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States.
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I love to read, play card games, video games, and board games. If you are into nerdy things, we will get along fine!

I love going to Renaissance Festivals in the summer and getting to play dress up! I would love to find someone who also enjoys this activity or would be open to giving it a try.

I love art and have worked as a professional stained glass artist in the past.

I'm an avid pet lover with three cats of my own, though I love dogs, too.

Some of my favorite music is Radiohead, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Dave Matthews Band, Tom Waits, Hozier, Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls, Mumford & Sons.


34 day(s) ago
Fan-Gal, 19, Live Oak, Florida, United States.

I am 19 years old and live in North Florida. I was raised in a generally geeky and sci-fi rich household, having an open mind and pretty much accepting of everyone. I have very few friends and tend to be slightly clingy and annoying at times. I love to sit back and watch youtube, anime, and old cartoons. I am never afraid to try new things. I enjoy traveling and going to conventions and tend to be pretty social in the right situation. I take a while to warm up to new people but after awhile I will never shut up.