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Fan-Guy, 26, Mesa, Arizona, United States.
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I don't like to put a lot of info into these things. I feel like if you put too much, then you have nothing to talk about in conversations.

Let's see:
I'm a kind person, however I can be very opinionated at times. If you're into personality types, I'm and INTJ, and I hate the way most of the world exists with it's societal "norms" and rituals. I also notice people always get so caught up in the right now that they can only stay focused on how to keep going, that they never see the big picture of what's happening, and what's to come. Meaning, I see and understand patterns in the world.


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Fan-Gal, 19, Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, United States.
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This is obvious but: I'm a total nerd. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural, recently getting into Misfits, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and anything marvel. I love to read and write but nothing beats a good conversation. Especially a conversation on anything above. I also love video games like the Legend of Zelda, Skyrim, Oblivion, Fall Out.


4 day(s) ago
Fan-Gal, 22, Louisville, Colorado, United States.
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I'm a college student studying Materials Science and NanoEngineering, hoping to land a job at Disney someday. I love bright colors and crazy costumes; the flashier the better. As much as I love costumes, I love lazy weekends playing video games in my pjs just as much. I'm mostly an anime/manga/JRPG geek, but I never say no to snuggling up to some Dollhouse or Dr. Who.

I can be a bit abrasive at times, though it's not because I intend to be; I'm just really blunt and have a pretty thick skin myself so I don't realize that what I'm saying can be hurtful. The more positive side to my bluntness is that I will never lie to you; lying is a big no-no to me.


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Fan-Guy, 40, Marietta, Georgia, United States.
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I'm just a guy that gets excited when a new Star Wars, Marvel, or Spy Thriller comes out. I enjoy my PC games, with a sprinkling of PS4 tossed in for good measure. I like the outdoors, but don't seek it out as much as I should.


13 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 29, Redmond, Washington, United States.
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You won't find me far from a game (card/board/video/tabletop) chugging a chocolate milk and discussing game design and Disney movies (my superpower is knowing every single Disney song).

I'm also huge into cosplay and trying to be pro at every game I play (I made it in a certain card game, but now I work for them!).


20 day(s) ago
Fan-Gal, 30, Huntsville, Alabama, United States.
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Okay here goes. I love Star Trek. TOS all day long. I do love Star Wars as well, but if I have to pick one camp or the other, I'm going Trekkie every time.

I miss playing World of Warcraft! My computer will not acceptably run the game anymore. Every time a new expansion dropped, it became more difficult for my dinosaur of a laptop to handle. Pandaria was the straw that broke the video card's back. I digress, and often.

I am into a wide variety of nerdy things, namely video games, reading, and researching whatever I come across that escapes my understanding. I began researching the beginnings of tarot when I got the Deviant Moon companion book, and several hours later realized that I had stumbled into quantum physics. I brushed up on my calculus, but made very little progress in the way of quantum.

I love being introduced to new games, books, tv shows, areas of study, etc. I absolutely LIVED for college ($70,000+ student loan debt) and cannot wait to go back. I hold the greatest fascination with the study of foreign languages, and thus far Greek is my favorite. I have recently begun pouring over my textbooks and notebooks again.

This box is too intimidating, and I tend to ramble. Ask me if you have questions! :)

The rest of this page will be filled out on a later date. I am a workaholic, and have too much to do today!