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Fan-Gal, 27, Gold Beach, Oregon, United States.
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I love coffee, reading, writing, and video games. Fantasy and magic are the greatest things ever. I sort of view this as a second life, a second chance to have an awesome friendship that turns into an equally awesome relationship. Currently reading the Night Angel series (still in book one, no spoilers!). I’ve been playing the crap out of Dead by Daylight, and just starting Monster Hunter World. MBTI is INTJ for those who are curious (I spend a lot of time reading about it, consider it like a side hobby).


3 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 31, Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States.
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Chances are you've met me and didn't realize it. It's quite possible I was the loud guy singing Disney Karaoke at Trivia night on a dare. Perhaps you saw me and my two dachshunds roaming the streets, keeping the city safe from squirrels. No doubt I was the gent who you saw at the state fair challenging random passer-bys to a DDR dance off.

I'll jump at the opportunity to pet dolphins or visit Notre Dame, hit up a roller coaster, or (most importantly) make puns. Be warned, I'm a double threat - I'll pet your dog with one hand and your cat with the other.


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Fan-Gal, 34, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.
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1 part Intelligence + 1 part Imagination + 1 part Druid + a pinch…err…handful of Sarcasm. Stir gently and enjoy!
As a gamer I enjoy board games, card games (non TCG) and table top role-playing games. I especially like word games; no one is brave enough to challenge me to Boggle anymore.
When not gaming I love to watch hockey, whether on TV or at Indy Fuel games. I am also an avid reader, a hoarder of books and a novice wordsmith (fan fiction and original). I like to try new things such as new food or games, but I can also appreciate the comforts of familiarity – relaxing at my favorite restaurant or pub. My idea of a good time is sitting around a campfire having a beer with friends. Or if I am in the mood to go out, Asian-style karaoke or bowling is always fun.
Lastly I think it is important to say that I am not looking to have children.


9 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 29, Bristol, Bristol, City of, United Kingdom.
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I always have a project on, one day I'd love to build myself a sailboat (as you know, spaceships are a tad big and expensive).

I love going to the pub and socialising, and a good night in, both on the same day is great!

I really enjoyed Breath of the Wild, not enjoyed a game so much since GTA5! But who doesn't like a bit of Pokémon occasionally?!


16 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 27, Georgetown, South Carolina, United States.
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I am big into video games and very much in love with Pokemon and have been for years. Love anime, super hero shows movies, horror films, sci-fiction. Anything essentially that can take you on an adventure and leave your mind to wonder.

I work retail and have been working in the same place for the last 5 years switching positions. Still at home due to horrible choices in school hopefully looking to change that. I was fortunate enough to complete some of my college education obtaining an associates in arts.


27 day(s) ago
Fan-Gal, 22, Oak Park, California, United States.
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I love video games most of all! I enjoy Nintendo games, and I have a love-hate relationship with Capcom (ask if you must know...).

Hopefully, when I graduate, I'll become a composer for video games, making the next generation of songs like Koji Kondo and Juinichi Masada. My dream is to actually work for Nintendo!

Anime is second on the list. I haven't been able to keep with it at all since school, I'm mostly a fan of all things Shonen Jump.

I dabble in fantasy stories. I tried to write a fantasy novel once. I made it through the first draft, then I decided I hated it, now I'm trying to rebuild again (ask if you must know...).

I enjoy playing tabletop games! My greatest achievements are capturing Arceus in PTA (as a ranger) and making the Fantastic Four look like chumps (as a villain in a game my friends made up).

Having said that, I do like Marvel comics. But as a warning, I call myself a pseudo-fan for many of these fandoms. I love Street Fighter, but I don't own a single game, and I only played it at the arcades like once. I say that so that you won't be disappointed by my erratic knowledge of nerdiness.

((As for my tagline, I have a habit of using these names as a form of gibberish when I can't articulate what's going wrong. The usual phrase is, "I can't Kirby for Allen Walker! Togashi Genji!" Togashi's name is a psuedo-cuss word because... I don't really know. Keep in mind I only use such phrases when I'm not afraid of judgement, so if I use this in conversation, I'm extremely comfortable in our relationship.))