S.A.M. Hitch: Part two skip to the first

Part two skip to the first

Sep 12 2007 at 09:24am
Me “Unless they are on the list we don't have anyone right now” Him “Can't you help me” Thinks to myself I am sitting here eating with my books open. “Fine what do you need” Him “Oh not right now” Me “when” one hour fine.
So I go on eating and doing Calculus, I don't know when I started or decided to do that HW I guess it just happened.
Somewhere in here I spoke with a friend twice too.
Kid comes back and there are two other SPS people they won't help him so I give it a go.
The kid does not know what he needs help on.
I say which problems, he says my homework.
Which ones, it goes on like this for an hour, the kid knows nothing wants the entire book taught to him and wants you to do his homework.
On top of that he does not even know what he does or does not know.
Instead of hitting him yelling at him, or cutting my wrists I answer his homework and say look at my work, use it to help you on the rest.
Can you be here for me at 3.
No I am not on the list to tutor yet, I did this as a favor because I was not very busy(wrong I had lots of hw).
The kid leaves and mopes.
This kid should kill himself to save himself from a lifetime of mediocrity and stupidity.
I don't want to be harsh but Damn you should have heard him repeat the same thing over and over.
I go outside and book an eye appointment for Kaiser.
Middle of November is there first available slot.
Go back pack up and head to the hall in near my class two hours early.
Aim a bit, friend get my number and leaves, another friend meets me he gets lunch I get a huge mountain dew, we walk/talk and check out girls.
CSUN has way too many beautiful girls this semester, not that I am complaining, it is just way more than before, and almost no freshman(Weird).
Meet Isaac's cute cousin, apparently we have spoken before, Isaac would give me the phone and say talk to here whilst he would tie his shoes or look at vodka.
Only Isaac remembers this and tells us this.
Class, I make about 2 good comments to 3 wrong statements.
Talk with Peter after class, he wants to be king of the new parking structure and make it efficient, heck his idea might work.
Go to bike, fumble on jacket, pocket ad put on my forks, it is for a PI firm needing MC riders to tail people, they train you(name of the company treadstone(sic) sound familiar) Funny thing is I am the only one with a paper and there are four other bikes that were there all day, even more suspicious, I might call just for kicks.
Go home and one big box and one small box is sitting on the porch I know one is books.
The other for my mom.
Get in there should have been three boxes two for me one for her.
Long story someone stole the amazon box and they are sending another.
I guess this is really good because I have too many books, and a really good friend of mine stood in line forever to get me a named and signed book over 6 months ago and I have not finished it.

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